Bobbi Kristina Brown update: Bobby not to inherit anything from Kristi, Whitney Houston estate

Bobbi Kristina Brown update: Bobby not to inherit anything from Kristi, Whitney Houston estate

Bobbi Kristina Brown health update: investigation on, fight regarding her estate continues

For the last more than four months, 22-year old daughter of famed singer and actress Whitney Houston is on life support. She is unresponsive for the same period and hasn’t gained consciousness during this entire period.

Despite being on life support and unconscious and unresponsive, the budding actress remains the talking point across the world. There is no surprise in people’s interest in the daughter of one of the finest singers of our times. Everything that Whitney Houston did remains the talking point even now and the continued attention in her daughter’s condition is solely due to the fact that people are eager to know about Whitney.

But it is not the only reason in people’s curiosity about Bobbi Brown. The sort of drama that her father, 46-year old singer and his family, has created around Bobbi Kristina Brown is no less responsible for this heightened interest.

Image courtesy: TheUrbanDaily

Image courtesy: TheUrbanDaily

Since January 31, when she was found in unresponsive condition, her condition hasn’t changed even slightly. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter has been kept on life support for the last 4 months after being found unresponsive in bathtub at her Georgia home. Despite continuous, round the clock medication from the best hospitals, there is no visible improvement in her condition.

Occasionally there are reports that Whitney Houston’s daughter’s vital organs are shutting down. There is no denying the fact that one cannot be kept on life support indefinitely. Most experts favor keeping on life support for a month and then taking the final call. Bobby Brown is adamant that his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown will be kept on life support, no matter what and that her life support will not be taken off even if there is no chance.

Many people thought that the investigations were over in her condition. But it is not true. Police officials claim that a criminal investigation is still ongoing in the tragedy. People while quoting Roswell Police Department Chief Rusty Grant says that although no one has been charged yet with a crime stemming from the January 31 incident, authorities are still investigating everything that happened that night. While talking to People, the police chief said, “Criminal investigations remain active until a decision is made not to prosecute an individual(s) or a person is prosecuted, adjudicated and all appeals are exhausted.”

There are other details too in this regard. Attorney Julie Rice also talked about the issue. Although she’s not affiliated with Bobbi Kristina or any family members, she states that the young reality star’s future will determine where the criminal case will go. “They are most likely waiting to see the outcome of whether or not she dies before bringing any charges. They would most likely wait until if she died to bring charges rather than bring charges when there is no death involved. If they do have a suspect in mind, they are probably monitoring that person at all times.”

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