Bobbi Kristina Brown Latest updates: My love was all about money, shows Bobbi Brown as he wants her estate

Bobbi Kristina Brown Latest updates: My love was all about money, shows Bobbi Brown as he wants her estate

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest updates: My love was all about money, shows Bobbi Brown as he wants her estate’s guardianship from her grandmother Cissy Brown

What is behind the miserable condition of Bobbi Kristina Brown, or even behind the death of her mother and renowned singer late Whitney Houston? More and more evidence suggest that it is drug and nothing else that first destroyed the life of Whitney and then the drowning of her daughter in almost identical circumstances.

While Whitney Houston’s death was sudden, Bobbi Brown who too was found drowned in almost similar condition remains on life support. A father with whom she was not even on talking terms has now her future in his hands and is not ready to let her die peacefully despite opposition from Whitney Houston relatives.

Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, has said time and again, and so have doctors that the girl has no chance of survival and that though she can be kept on life support for eternity, it cannot bring her back to life. But Bobby Brown is ready to listen neither Cissy Houston, the 81-year old grandmother of Bobbi, nor her doctors who have said that there is no chance of her revival.

bobbi kristina drownBobbi Kristina Brown is on life support for last three months. She is struggling for her life. She hasn’t regained consciousness after being found drowned in a bathtub at her Atlanta home. She has changed three hospitals and spent some seven weeks at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Bobby created a sort of storm when last week he claimed that Bobbi Kristina Brown was awake and that her condition was improving. Though he later retracted the statement, but it created unprecedented confusion in the minds of Bobbi’s fans.

There are reasons to believe that drug misuse played important role in her drowning in her bathtub. A report says that from an early age, Bobbi Brown and her boyfriend Nick Gordon started taking drugs. Bobbi Kristina Brown and her boyfriend Nick Gordon began using drugs at home with the late Whitney Houston, Gordon’s brother, Jack Walker, claimed during a recent interview. Walker also reportedly claimed that Bobbi Kristina had tried to commit suicide.

Nick Gordon’s brother while talking to the Extra TV claims that Gordon and Kristina consumed drugs with Whitney Houston. Walker reportedly claimed that he had closely witnessed Bobbi Kristina and Gordon’s drug use at her Atlanta home, adding that he chose to stay out of it because he was not comfortable using drugs. “I let Nick know, slow down on that. You need to stop doing that,” Walker told Extra TV. “It was going on when Whitney was alive. I would be on the phone with Nick and I can hear Whitney asking for the stuff…I just feel like she… she just was fed up with everything that’s going on in her life” he goes on to add.

Now he says that she might have tried to commit suicide. Walker also reportedly stated that Bobbi Kristina was depressed because of an argument she had with Gordon and might have tried to commit suicide. The aspiring actress was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her Atlanta home on Jan. 31, following which she was hospitalized and put in a medically induced coma.

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