Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: Why Bobby Brown took her to rehabilitation center

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: Why Bobby Brown took her to rehabilitation center

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: Why Bobby Brown took her to rehabilitation center 

After a bit of confusion, it is now clear that Bobbi Kristina Brown has finally been taken out of the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. The report was first broken by none other than TMZ. Now as the girl’s relatives including her father Bobby Brown were seen leaving the hospital with Kristina’s stuff we have to accept that Whitney Houston’s daughter has been taken out of the hospital.

TMZ has also said that her doctors have also started taking her off the life support to just check if there was any change in her condition. It doesn’t mean that they are giving up the hope of her revival as yet, though they have made it amply clear that she may not regain the same health as she enjoyed before January 31.

A latest TMZ report also says that despite removing some of the life support, her health has remained the same. There is neither any improvement nor any deterioration in her health.
bobbi kristina drown
Her family members have made it apparently clear that they are taking the girl out of Emory University Hospital to a new facility as it may be better suited for long-term care.

Meanwhile photographs of Bobby Brown in a somber state show that he is not very sure about the future of his daughter. In the meantime her aunt Pat Houston who is also guardian of Whitney Houston’s estate was seen taking away some of Bobbi Kristina Brown belongings from the hospital.bobbi brown father bobby brown out of emory university hospital

Doctors are not very sure about the revival of the girl, a budding actor herself. A neurosurgeon Dr. Sasan Yadegar says that a twenty something youth in fact has a better chance at making a recovery than an older person. While talking about her he said, “In the best of circumstances, what happens with these patients is that you expect the first thing to return is some respiratory function, the second thing to return is their eyes may open. They may not follow commands but their eyes may open. The third thing is movement of the upper and lower extremities. That is not to commands, but due to some type of stimulus, and then slowly, and God willing, they start following some commands…Once they start following commands, you commit them to a rehab center, which means they exercise the upper and lower extremities. Hopefully, they get the patient back up walking and sitting in a chair and then ultimately they work with them with the speech therapy to get them to talk again and understand the speech and learn how to get around and get by with their lives”. But it is a long process and we don’t know as yet if Bobbi Kristina Brown has been able to make any development at all.

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