Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update; The good and not so good of Houston family

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update; The good and not so good of Houston family

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update; The good and not so good of Houston family

Bibbi Kristina Brown’s health hasn’t seen slightest improvement for weeks. She is in a rehab center undergoing treatment and obviously on life support to keep her going.

Now it seems that the time has come when 22-year old Bobbi Kristina Brown’s father Bobby Brown has to decide as to when the life support is to be taken off and the girl has to be let go.

Her grandmother, Cissy Houston, and other relatives have been demanding that the life support be taken off and the girl is given a fitting burial. But it seems that her father Bobby Brown remains unconvinced about taking the life support off immediately.

While Bobbi’s maternal grandmother Cissy Houston is busy trying to convince him to take the plug out, he has refused to follow it till now. But he is not expected to remain unmindful of what she and other members of her family counsel.

bobbi kristina drownIn the meantime her family members have started sending signs that it is all but over. A family source told People magazine: “It’s quiet and peaceful. The family has brought some things from home for her…Everyone’s all cried out by now. We love her and want her to recover.”

In the meantime her grandmother who gave a lengthy interview to a New York news channel said she has prayed for her. The 81-year-old mother of the late Whitney Houston gave an interview where she thanked the family’s supporters as the 22-year-old’s condition remained unchanged. “I feel every bit of it. I truly do”.

In the longest and most detailed interview Cissy Houston told WBLS FM 107.5 “She is the same…We’ve moved her to a place for rehabilitation…And you know, still not a great deal of hope. [We’re] still praying. I give it to God one time, because I know he’s able…And I cannot change a thing. I’m asking everybody: ‘Just pray to the Lord who we know CAN do something about it.’”

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