Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: She is dead but not being allowed to go, know why?

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: She is dead but not being allowed to go, know why?

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: She is dead but not being allowed to go, know why?

Things are looking like very strange as far as tussle between Houstons and Borwns is concerned. While Bobbi Kristina Brown is struggling for her life for the last four months, their fight on petty matters is not seeing any end.

While there were reports that finally Bobbi Kristina Brown will be taken off life support and will be shifted to her home in what many said was going to be final send off to the girl, Bobby Brown relatives have once again thwarted this move.

There is no denying the fact that Bobby Brown who is also the father of at least four other children and is expecting another this summer has been very keen to get hold of the massive estate that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s mother Whitney Houston had left to her. In case of the 22-year old girl’s death, the property will go to Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston.bobbi brown father bobby brown out of emory university hospital

It must be noted that Bobby and Whitney Houston were divorced long before the death of Whitney three years ago. He also didn’t had much of a contact with his own daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. There are many reports that both were not even on talking terms most of the time.

In the meantime Jerod Brown, Bobby Brown’s nephew has started a new movement on social media. While the #PrayForBK hashtag is still going strong after the aspiring singer’s Jan. 31 hospitalization, Jerod is working on spreading the word about a new hashtag: #GetReadyBK. According to Jerod, the #GetReadyBK hashtag was inspired by the “last thing” Bobbi Kristina told him before she was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her Georgia home. He took to Facebook to share the message with his followers:

He claimed that Kristi told him to get ready for beautiful future. “Last thing she told me was ‘Get Ready Cousin’! Get ready for a beautiful future we was working toward. Something in my spirit is confirming my lil cousin is in position for a blessing. To everyone who is in need of change, know this is your moment! Its not over Bobbi Kris, its almost time to share your testimony! #GetReadyBK”, said he.

But he didn’t say as to when Kristi said these words to him. It is also not clear as to how many times he had the good fortune to even see the 22-year old budding actress even from a distance.

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