Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: No improvement till now in rehabilitation center

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: No improvement till now in rehabilitation center

Bobbi Kristina Brown latest update: No improvement till now in rehabilitation center

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s health hasn’t improved ever since she was rushed to a hospital in Atlanta on that fateful day when she was found in a bathtub. After spending seven weeks at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, she has been taken to an unnamed rehabilitation center in the same city.

Daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, she hasn’t regained her consciousness, nor has there been any movement. The move to take her out of the Emory University hospital may have been necessitated for two reasons, first being it extremely expensive to keep the girl there and secondly, doctors’ suggestion that it may be impossible to revive the 22-year old budding actor.

A report in the IBTimes says that finally after being moved out of the Emory University Hospital and in a rehabilitation center, the “reality” of the situation may finally be “sinking in” for the family.

bobbi brown father bobby brown out of emory university hospitalMid-last month when doctors tried to see how she responds without life support, Whitney Houston’s daughter suffered a seizure as. Right now sources claim that Bobby Kristina Brown is using a breathing tube with no change in her condition.

TMZ in the meantime has suggested that the new rehabilitation facility where she has been moved is for “long-term care.” And while Bobby Brown is still optimistic about his daughter’s recovery, sources told People magazine the situation “hasn’t gotten any easier for him.” On the other hand an insider says, “It has gotten harder…He really thought she’d be better by now, that there would be some change. There hasn’t been any sign of improvement since this happened.”

Bobbi Kristina’s family has remained at her side throughout the entire ordeal, but the source added that “reality is really sinking in.” The stress of the situation has led to reports of feuding between the Browns and the Houstons. This month, Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, claimed that Whitney Houston’s sister, Pat Houston, was responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s condition. Others have claimed Pat Houston is fighting with Bobby Brown over whether to remove Bobbi Kristina from life support. However, another insider is denying any trouble within the family.

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