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Bobbi Kristina Brown is dead, finally death announced: condition update

Bobbi Kristina Brown is dead, finally death announced: condition update

Bobbi Kristina Brown is dead, finally death announced: condition update

Did Whitney Houston’s daughter Booki Kristina Brown broke up with her longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon? There are reports that not just she broke up with Nick Gordon, reports also suggest that her boyfriend who many said was adopted by her mother attacked and injured her and may be behind her death.

While the 22-year old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston struggles for her life, more details are being revealed about the trauma she suffered before the tragedy on January 31. On that fateful day, the girl was found drowned in bathtub at her home comatose. Her condition has deteriorated since then despite being given the best medication.

For the last one month the budding reality star has been kept in hospice care in Georgia as her family became sure about the fact that she cannot be revived. Even her father, who has been talking about the miraculous improvement in her condition, seems to have given in.

Image courtesy: TheUrbanDaily

Image courtesy: TheUrbanDaily

Now there are reports that the state law enforcement agency Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) may be preparing to take action against her boyfriend Nick Gordon when her death is formally announced by her family. And there are reasons to believe that it is not very far away.

There are credible reports that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, an equivalent of FBI in the state, may be preparing to file charges against Nick Gordon. But they are awaiting a formal announcement of death as then it will allow them to slap Nick with the maximum possible criminal charges for his actions that led to Bobbi Kristina’s death.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s court appointed conservator had filed charges against Nick Gordon of beating her and siphoning off her money into his personal account. There are reports that he beat up her regularly. “Nick Gordon was engaged in a pattern of abuse with Bobbi Kristina Brown and had beaten her and verbally abused her on many occasions. This last time, he is alleged to have knocked out two of her teeth and is responsible for her ending up face down in the bathtub at her Georgia condo – whether he put her there, she fell while being hit, or she was soaking off the effects of the recent beating are all lines of investigation being pursued”, says a report.

The girl who has spent the last six months in different hospitals had injury marks on her body, some reports have suggested. On the other hand a report says that two days before the attack, Bobbi Kristina tweeted “Let’s start this career up&&moving OUT TO YOU ALLL quick shall we !?” reports suggest that the girl who was considering to take to singing as her profession was actually tweeting to her BFF from childhood Bess Beckman with whom she was making plans to relocate to LA to pursue their music career. Bess has been vocal on Twitter blaming Nick Gordon for her BFF’s damage. Reports suggest that he is cooperating with the law enforcement agencies.

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