Bobbi Kristina Brown health latest update April 14

Bobbi Kristina Brown health latest update April 14

Bobbi Kristina Brown health latest update April 14

Is it some sort of emergency that has forced Bobbi Kristina Brown’s father Bobby Brown to rush back to Atlanta? It is merely a few days when he had left the place after being with his daughter for more than two months in what is being called round-the-clock vigil.

His daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is on life support and medically induced coma for around two and half months. After spending weeks at the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, the girl was recently shifted to a more affordable DeKalb Medical Facility in Atlanta. Reports suggest that the father and paternal grandmother Cissy Brown want to keep her there keeping a long-term option of life support.
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Merely a few days ago renowned singer Bobby Brown had to rush to Los Angeles for a performance that was scheduled several months ago and leave his comatose daughter’s side. It is not yet known as to why he rushed back to the place when he has a long itinerary well planned for the coming days.

His performance at Los Angeles, California was appreciated by his fans. He performed at Soul Food Festival and following the impressive performance he thanked his fans and added, “I wanna thank all of y’all for coming out tonight, for supporting me and my family. Rough times are rough times. Hard times are hard times. I don’t know what the hell I’m going through right now, but I’m giving it to God.”

Reports by People Magazine suggest that as soon as Bobby Brown completed his appearance at Soul Food Festival the singer boarded a plane and rushed back to Atlanta. Though it is not sure if its any sort of emergency but there are reports that Cissy Houston and Pat Houston have been pressuring Bobby to remove his daughter’s life support. They have said time and again that they have given up any hope that she will wake up. Bobby Brown is technically in charge of all of his daughter’s medical decisions – and refuses to let her go, he is confident that she will make a miraculous recovery.

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