Blue And Black Or White And Gold: #‎TheDress‬ Controversy Makes Creators Famous

Blue And Black Or White And Gold: #‎TheDress‬ Controversy Makes Creators Famous

Blue And Black Or White And Gold: #‎TheDress‬ Controversy Makes Creators Famous

The worldwide debate on #‎TheDress‬ is still going viral. People belonging to the two camps are not going to back off and no amount of cajoling will stop them from insisting that the color they are seeing is actually the color of the dress.

In the meantime the people who actually sold the dress in the first place are the ones who are laughing the most as far as the controversy is concerned.

A picture of a dress sent by a mother to her daughter might have never generated this much controversy in the entire age of social media or even internet.

white dress blue dress or goldMillions and millions of people have talked about it so far and the discussion is not going to stop anytime soon, till someone actually proves that the color is this and this argument is backed by some logic and some good lingo.

And the people behind the dress are both amazed and happy. They are happy as the dress is flying off shelves like anything. Michele Bastock, design director at Roman Originals says, “I can officially say that this dress is royal blue with black lace trimming”. She says that she and other staff of the company were taken aback by the controversy it generated. She goes on to add that they had no idea at all that that the dress, when shot in that singularly peculiar light, might be perceived in a totally different color scheme.

Now she says that they too cannot agree on the issue. They, too, split almost 50-50 on the photo’s true colors. But they are unanimous that the dress for the Birmingham, England-based retailer was likely to become their greatest-ever seller. The chain’s website Friday headlined its product as “#TheDress now back in stock — debate now.” “Straightaway we went to the computers and had a look. And some members of the team saw ivory and gold. I see a royal blue all the time,” she said. “It’s an enigma … but we are grateful.”

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