‘Blood moon’ total lunar eclipse leaves skywatchers spellbound: USA most fortunate

‘Blood moon’ total lunar eclipse leaves skywatchers spellbound: USA most fortunate

Blood moon’ total lunar eclipse leaves skywatchers spellbound: USA most fortunate

Several days after it being visible across the world, the total lunar eclipse and the blood moon are talk of the sky-watchers. This was the shortest lunar eclipse in the last hundred years and at its longest, the lunar eclipse lasted for merely 10 minutes.

Three days ago, on April 4 to be precise, the whole world witnessed lunar eclipse and some parts of the world were fortunate to enjoy a total lunar eclipse.

Now while analyzing the photos of the occasion, astronomers have been puzzled due to the it shows a highly variable and unique color pattern on the lunar surface, including shades of deep blood red, rusty orange, pale yellow, grayish blue and white. Some observers said the different colors created a stunning “rainbow” on the moon’s surface.

lunar eclipse 2Astronomers have been discussing its importance for quite some time. This is because of the fact that it was the first total lunar eclipse of this year. It was the third eclipse in a series of four closely spaced total lunar eclipses – also known as a lunar tetrad. The fourth and final eclipse of the tetrad is expected to take place on September 28, 2015.

In many parts of the world including Asia and Europe, the eclipse was enjoyable. There is also no denying the fact that the visibility of lunar eclipse was quite good for the skywatchers in North and South America, Australia, Oceania, and Asia. The eclipse was streamed live online by the Slooh community observatory. The Slooh webcast featured views from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and feeds from Canada and Australia. NASA’s Marshaell Space Flight Center also featured the Griffith Observatory feeds and included commentary from NASA lunar experts.

While many areas were given a miss by it in the US and Canada, the total lunar eclipse was briefly visible east of the Mississippi river, while in some regions along the east coast of North America saw only a partial lunar eclipse. Meanwhile, Mississippi resident were able to observe the moon for much longer. Veteran skywatcher Maxim Senin has succeeded in creating a mesmerizing view of the eclipse from Redondo Beach, California using his Canon 70D camera that has a feature to assemble nine different exposures into a single image.

While talking about the spectacle Tyler S. Leavitt who captured his own stunning view of the lunar eclipse says “Ran out this morning to catch the lunar eclipse. I was trying to compose this shot for quite some time to get it right,” Leavitt wrote in an email to “This is the ‘Stratosphere’ tower/casino in Las Vegas with the fully eclipsed moon in the background” he goes on to add.

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