Blood moon eclipse on April 15: When, where to watch & time

Blood moon eclipse on April 15: When, where to watch & time

It is going to be a historic day for sky watchers and astronomers. Blood moon eclipse on April 15. When, where to watch & time.


April 15 is an important day in the calendar of sky lovers. On this day traders and people pay their taxes. Besides them, there are other group of people also who are waiting for the arrival of April 15. For many stargazers it is an important day as total lunar eclipse is to take place. For long they have been waiting for it. And the message for them is that they should not miss the opportunity to watch history unfold.

lunar eclipse

The other reason that the lunar eclipse is attracting attraction is that it is the first of four total lunar eclipses for 2014 and 2015. Occurring in North and South America on the night of April 14th/15th it is being talk of the town. The last time star watchers had observed a lunar eclipse was on December 10, 2011.


The first total lunar eclipse had taken place then, according to astronomers and lunar eclipse historians. It has been reported that this time the total lunar eclipse will last for some one hour, seventeen minutes and forty-eight seconds. Above all, it will be visible from the central Atlantic westward to eastern Australia. The good thing about stargazers is that the total lunar eclipse can be viewed by the entire moonward facing hemisphere of the Earth. If you are one of the star gazers then don’t miss this opportunity.


When it comes to timing and schedule, the eclipse is set to begins at 4:37 UT /12:37 AM EDT, when the Moon comes close to the western periphery of the Earth’s shadow known. This is known as penumbra. NASA says that soon Moon will be fully inside the penumbra by 5:58 UT/1:58 AM EDT.

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