Blood moon April 2015: why it is shortest blood moon

Blood moon April 2015: why it is shortest blood moon

Blood moon April 2015: why it is shortest blood moon

This month’s blood moon is exciting for many sky-watchers. But people will have to be very alert to enjoy the spectacle. This is not because of the bad weather or something else. On the contrary it is because of the fact that it will be the shortest blood moon and will last for a very short while.

This blood moon is going to be of historical importance as astronomers claim that this blood moon will be the shortest not just in the last decade, but in the entire century. I am sure many people who wouldn’t have bothered to watch it are going to come out and see it. But it is going to be a touch and go experience as it will be for a very short time.

The blood moon will be visible for merely five minutes. You will have to be on your full attention to spot and enjoy it in the night.

supermoonAstronomers claim that the reason behind just five minute long spectacle is due to the fact that the moon will be passing through the top part of Earth’s shadow as opposed to the wider, middle portion. The blood moon that will begin at sharp 3:16 a.m., early Saturday morning, with the totality coming and going beginning at 4:58 a.m. researchers claim that the dark red color of the total lunar eclipses is due to the fact that it comes through the light of all the sunsets and sunrises on the edge of the Earth’s shadow.

But this is not going to be the only blood moon this year. On the contrary we will have another one on September 27 later this year.

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