Blood moon 2014: alignment of mars earth and sun during lunar eclipse


Blood moon 2014 will see alignment of mars earth and sun during lunar eclipse. There is no denying the fact that sky lovers will enjoy it fully.


Spectacular total lunar eclipse is making headlines for weeks. And as the D date nears, the enthusiasm and people’s interest is going up.


From mid April till October 2014 there are going to be as many as 4 such total lunar eclipses. The next one will happen before the end of the year while the third one will be in April 2014.


Lunar and solar eclipses have always attracted people across the world. Many people believe that the system of the universe has some sort of correlation with solar and lunar eclipses. This is the reason that eclipses have been given immense importance in almost every religion in the world.

biggest-meteor moon

In United States the solar eclipse will be visible to people for hours and the best thing is the fact that the weather will remain clear in most of the places. There is no denying the fact that clear weather will help us enjoy the weather all the more.

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There is no denying the fact that people across the world are impatiently awaiting the occasion. Astronomers and sky watchers cannot wait to witness the occasion when they will relish the lunar eclipse. And they are all the more excited due to the fact that the sky is expected to remain clear. On many occasions weather kills the enthusiasm of sky watchers. An unclear sky is the worst nightmare of astronomers and they are happy that this is not going to be the case this time. Another great aspect of the lunar eclipse on April 15 is the fact that the eclipse will last for several hours.


Moon or lunar eclipse happen several time in a year. It is a fact that though complete solar eclipses are rare and are not witnessed quite often, the same is not true about the lunar eclipse. Nonetheless people are fascinated by them. From 15th of April this year to mid-October 2015, we are going to witness at least four total lunar eclipses.Earth causes the lunar eclipse when it comes between the Sun and the moon. NASA says that during lunar eclipse moon follows a path that guides it via earth’s shadow. This causes the moon to turn red. And the same is going to happen on 15th April. NASA reports suggest that it is very rare when four lunar eclipses take place in such a short time. So enjoy it and don’t let the occasion pass without enjoying it.