Blizzard strikes East Coast; 30 inches possible in New York, deaths reported

Blizzard strikes East Coast; 30 inches possible in New York, deaths reported

Blizzard strikes East Coast; 30 inches possible in New York, deaths reported

This was expected to be one of the worst blizzards hitting this part of the world, and the fears seem to be true. Powerful blizzard that started hitting Washington DC, seems to have already started taking lives.

Reports suggest that at least two people lost their lives Friday night in traffic accidents caused due to bad weather in North Carolina. The announcement was made by the State Emergency Response Team spokeswoman Olivia James.

Till now as many as eight people have lost their lives due to the massive winter storm that’s affecting much of the eastern United States. Around 85 million people are going to be affected by a storm that’s expected to rock much of the East Coast of the United States. Several areas are already receiving snowfall and it is expected that the weather would get worse early Saturday morning.

As was being told by the weathermen, Washington DC and Baltimore are taking a direct hit from the storm. On the other hand Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and West Virginia have all declared states of emergency due to the storm as of Friday. A “snow emergency” is declared in Washington. The National Weather Service office in D.C./Baltimore tweeted: “Worst of the #winterstorm upcoming 1am-1pm. Damaging winds along Bay shore. Heavy snow everywhere. Stay safe.”

Police officials are on their toes in much of the affected areas. Virginia State Police had responded to 841 traffic crashes and 607 disabled vehicles by 6 p.m. Friday. Residents are preferring to stay off the roads, said Chris Geldart of the District of Columbia’s emergency management agency. “There are not many folks out at all,” he told CNN. The National Weather Service said that heavy snow with blizzard conditions is developing in southern Maryland. The storm system witnessed lull late Friday before exploding over the Atlantic Ocean. When the low hits the warm water off the Carolinas, the storm will take off again. Meteorologists have warned the public to follow the warning as some areas are expected to receive between 18 and – on the extreme high end – 40 inches.

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