BlackBerry’s spy-proof SecuTABLET may attract enterprise customers

BlackBerry’s spy-proof SecuTABLET may attract enterprise customers

 BlackBerry’s spy-proof SecuTABLET may attract enterprise customers

BlackBerry has come out with a great looking yet very pricey $2300 ‘SecuTablet’. This is rather after a very long time that the company has dabbled in the tablet market.

Obviously this tablet is not an ordinary one and seems very super specialized for people in the enterprise market. The company has been working in association with Samsung Electronics, IBM and Secusmart on the project. Secusmartis a well-known encryption specialist that was taken over by the struggling smartphone maker based in Ontario.

With the launch the company has broken the heart of many BlackBerry fans who were awaiting the arrival of PlayBook 2. The new tablet SecuTablet has actually been specially designed by the company for German government department jointly by Secusmart and IBM.

blackberry passportTo be true the SecuTablet doesn’t look a BlackBerry product. It is actually a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE 16GB loaded with some software from IBM and SecuSmart’s special MicroSD card. The tablet comes equipped with a number of cryptographic chips to protect data in motion and at rest.

Safety is going to be its best feature and it is going to sell in the market that the company seems to have lost over the years. Samsung’s Knox secure boot technology ensures that the OS on the tablet cannot be tampered with. On the other hand IBM has contributed to the security chain by ‘wrapping’ certain apps in an additional layer of code that intercepts and encrypts key data flows using the Secusmart hardware.

A top BlackBerry official while talking about the latest product said, “The project was started long before BlackBerry acquired Secusmart”. Secusmart managing director Hans-Christoph Quelle has expressed hope that before the end of this year, the German federal IT security agency, BSI, will grant the Knox-Secusmart combination a security rating corresponding to Nato Restricted. He went on to add that serious questions were raised about the deal at the highest level within BlackBerry, IBM and the government department about whether to continue.

BlackBerry seems to be working overtime to win back the enterprise market it seems to have lost to Apple and Samsung. Late last year the company announced its plans to extend support for its management software to Samsung devices, and at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the Ontario-based firm said it would release versions of Secusmart’s Secusuite voice and data encryption system. The SecuTablet will cost around GBP 2,250 ($2,380) including the Secusmart MicroSD encryption card.

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