BY | February 2, 2013

Both are great handsets and come from companies struggling to review their fortunes. BlackBerry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 920 features, Specs and price comparison makes interesting reading

BlackBerry has recently bared its armor and the competition has sat up to notice. BlackBerry Z10 faces a tough battle in the global smartphone market and would fight for the third position in a zone dominated by Apple and Samsung/Android.

Both BlackBerry and Nokia are struggling to break even in the smartphone segment and are trying hard to stay afloat, to prove themselves as serious contenders in the smartphone segment and to gain a larger share of the market around the world.

Nokia recently launched its latest device running on Microsoft’ Windows Phone 8 operating system Lumia 920 and reports suggest that it was doing reasonably well in the markets across the world. Nokia Lumia 920, a premium segment smartphone, is an effort by Nokia to tap the growing number of smartphone users and share the growth and cut some revenue losses. BlackBerry too is aiming for the same with the latest BlackBerry 10 series of software and hardware.

Let’s take a comparative view of the two smartphones vying for the third spot, as of now, and see whether any of them have what it takes to reach the top.

BlackBerry Z10 is BlackBerry’s latest flagship device which has a lot of responsibilities on its shoulder to re-strengthen the image and brand value that Blackberry lost during the rise of Apple and Android. Based on BlackBerry 10, the latest operating system from BlackBerry, the phone offers some really new features but none go on to be a USP for the device which leaves nothing much to recommend it for.  Though some analysts have great words for it, but it comes with specs that are part of other leading smart-phones.

Z10 has a 4.2 inch display with 1280×768 resolution which offers sharp display output. The phone is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor with 2GB RAM. It has a 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash on the rear that records video in full HD resolution, and a front-facing camera of 2 megapixel with HD recording. The phone comes with 16GB inbuilt memory, which is expandable to 64GB with the support of a microSD card. The phone also has some now standard features like #G, 4G, EDGE, GPRS and dual-band Wi-Fi. The phone offers a special service for BlackBerry enterprise customers which is called BlackBerry Balance. It is a service which allows a user to switch between the personal and work profile with just a flick of the finger. The official profile and its content will be controlled by the employer company.

Nokia Lumia 920 is an ultra-cool device running on Windows Phone 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system for smart-phones. Lumia 920 was one of the first devices to feature WP8 and it also carries the expectations of both Nokia and Microsoft to help the companies gain some traction. Lumia 920 has a screen and IPS panel 4.5 inch screen with Nokia’s PureMotion HD+ and ClearBlack technology. Lumia 920 has a slightly larger screen than Z10 but owing to the nearly same resolution, both will produce the same quality of image. Like Z10, Lumia 920 is powered by a 1.5GHz dual core processor but with 1GB RAM. But the major USP of the device is Nokia’s PureView camera. A 8 megapixel camera is fitted on to the back of the camera with dual-LED flash, which takes exceptionally well photographs, even in low light conditions. The phone has ranked to be the best, in terms of camera, when compared with BlackBerry Z10, Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. The camera of Lumia 920 is also able to record videos in 1080p full HD resolution. The phone also offers nearly the same connectivity options as Blackberry Z10, such as, 3G, 4G, GPRS, dual band Wi-Fi and DLNA. Nokia also offers some extra security features for enterprise customers.

But both the phones are currently plagued with one of the worst form of deficiency in today’s time – a weak app store. Both Windows and BlackBerry are impatiently trying to get their apps store at par with the rivals, Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store, and we expect to see the results soon. Till then the war wages on. BlackBerry Z10 is expected to be priced around Rs. 40,000 and Nokia Lumia 920 currently retails at Rs. 38,200.


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