BY | March 31, 2013

Both are great handsets and both are being loved by users across the world. BlackBerry Z10 vs Apple iPhone 5 specs comparison makes great reading. Meanwhile Z10 US release is planned for this week on several networks.

BlackBerry Z10 has turned the Canada, Ontario based company into profitable after being in red for several quarters. The handset has been performing impressively in global market and there are enough reasons to believe that things have started improving for the company that looked destined to fail. It is notwithstanding the fact that the handset was being written off by many analysts with affiliations with certain tech companies who have feared the resurgence of BlackBerry.

When the handset was showcased to the media, no one had even dreamt that Research in Motion would actually be able to introduce a handset far ahead of time and better in almost every aspect compared to the existing flagship handsets of different tech companies. Its impeccable production, design and features have forced many people to fall for it and its launch in the United States is going to give much needed impetus to its demand. So far supply hasn’t been an issue the way we saw Google struggle while supplying its latest flagship handset Nexus 4. While its demand was very high in the initial few months, the supply side remained a matter of concern as Google never seem to have enough units of Nexus 4 in its inventory.

Supply is not an issue with BlackBerry at all and things are looking very bright for the company and its handset and its next QWERTY handset BlackBerry Q10 are going to improve company’s standing in the market by several notches.

Here we compare BlackBerry Z10 and Cupertino based Apple’s iPhone 5. Many had said that BlackBerry copied iPhone 5 in several aspects, but the comparison proves beyond doubt that BlackBerry Z10 is a product in its own class and improves over iPhone in many aspects including in display quality. BlackBerry 10 and Z10 are two powerful products against Apple iOS and iPhone. The Z10 is not only a single device against the iPhone 5, but the entire series. The new operating system from the Canadian firm is capable to beat iPhone and its OS in several key areas. Hardware wise, the Z10 is a nicely powerful and strong machine with high quality specs and other features. It has great build quality too, and its software is providing a stunningly smoother experience for users.

Both the handsets are great. There is no doubt about it. But specs wise, BlackBerry Z10 is undoubtedly the winner. It has a large 4.2-inch display with 768 x 1280 pixels at 355p pixel density. The processor inside the device is a 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon, and it is supported by an Adreno 225 graphical processor and 2GB of RAM. The device comes only in 16GB model with the facility for data storage expansion through a microSD slot. Cameras of the device include an 8MP rear and 2MP front ones. In the meantime, Apple’s latest iPhone has a 4-inch Retina display, and under the cover, it features a 1.2GHz A6 dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and a PowerVR SGX 543MP3 graphical processor. It means that it is not that much competitive to the new BlackBerry device at all. However, the phone is available in three memory versions; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. You have no option for memory expansion though.

Analysts are all full of praise for this little beauty. “The Blackberry Z10 definitely puts in a solid performance, leading to a surprisingly close contest. It matches the iPhone 5 for display and camera and even tops it for battery life, memory and connectivity,” writes But, in its comparison, the site has judged iPhone 5 as winner since it is having far better build quality. In fact, it is not that fine to say that iPhone 5 is better than the Z10 provided that it has received huge initial response in markets. BlackBerry’s dream to make a strong comeback to the mobile market is has proven true.  The US launch will make things a lot better for Ontario based company and will improve its standing in the smart-phone market.


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