BlackBerry Q10 coming to US in June


    So finally the much awaited and Canadian company most banked upon device Blackberry Q 10 is all set to hit the US market. Following the announcement made by BlackBerry that the handset, already available in Canda, would be made available in the US market by June, the US based BB lovers can heave a sigh of relief. ]

    Even though the device, defined as undeniably polished, by the experts of the tech world is primarily based on the lines of BlackBerry Bold, its keys are 30 per cent larger and its touchscreen measures 3.1 inches (7.9 centimetres). Not only the Q10 is light but also the soft touch back keeps is safe from slipping out of the fingers while typing.  Though with 1 cm thickness it cannot be termed as super slender device.

    Due to the integration of the fresh BlackBerry 10 software the Q10 has definitely got a significant advantage over the QWERTY smartphones available in the market. By merely typing “tweet” from the main menu, the phone will not only let you compose but also send a message to your Twitter account immediately. The same feature applies for other commands such as “email”, “SMS” and “BBM”.

    The phone has ben installed with an 8-megapixel, fixed-focus rear camera, considered to be a major step up for Canadian tech giant. The camera includes features as High Dynamic Range mode and Scene modes. The 4G enabled handset also only features 16GB of built-in storage, though that can be expanded with a memory card, and uses a dual-core 1.5GHz processor with 2GB RAM.

    The Q10 is likely not as tough at the old Bolds, which could easily withstand a drop or 10. Just like the Z10, it could likely survive the occasional fall, but its touch display is more vulnerable to cracking than past models.

    Given the present market that is ruled by the android and apple based smartphones, it is unlikely that the Q10 will win back its users, but there is a high chance that given the specs of the handset there is  a strong possibility of keyboard enthusiast to at least give it a try. With better software, an even better keyboard, pleasing form and reasonable speed, the Q10 once again proves BlackBerry commands.

    However, the device comes with its own set of drawbacks. Its OLED screen, at 3.1 inches, is small and can be challenging to use with gesture-based phone software. Screen resolution, or lack of it, is also an issue for this phone. At 720×720 pixels, the Q10’s screen could look sharper, and this is clear when viewing websites. Like all BlackBerry devices, the Q10 also struggles in the app department, though at least Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare are represented and integrated into the software.

    It’s unlikely that the Q10 will win back Android and Apple-committed Smartphone users, but there’s every chance that keyboard enthusiast will want to try, test and enjoy this phone.

    With better software, an even better keyboard, pleasing form and reasonable speed, the Q10 proves BlackBerry commands more than just nostalgia.

    During the Jefferies investment conference held few days ago sounding highly optimistic about the BlackBerry’s QWERTY play and the platform overall, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead had said:   he was optimistic about Speaking at a last week Mead said:” We think that there is an important place for Blackberry, we have a lot of Blackberry customers on our network; there seems to be a hunger for the QWERTY keyboard.”

    Responding to the CEO’s comments, Peter Misek, Jefferies analyst, maintained: “We conducted retail checks in the U.K. and Canada yet again, and the conclusion is clear, demand is very robust and Q10 demand is better than Z10 demand. According to our recent checks, build plans have not been cut. We are confident in our 2M+/month BB10 build plan estimate from our Asia trip a few weeks ago.”

    Meanwhile, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have confirmed that they’ll soon be carrying the BlackBerry Q10. While Verizon, having an exclusive on the white version, would be making it available sometime in June, Sprint has maintained that it would be late summer. T-Mobile will also be rolling out the phone sometime in June, and has confirmed that it will cost $99.99 down with its new plan structure, or $579.99 if one is willing to buy it outright.