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This is getting great words from almost everyone and BlackBerry Q10 US release date in May. It will be available on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile

BlackBerry Q10 is set to enter the US market pretty soon and the handset is looking quite capable to take the success that came back to the Canadian company with the launch of BlackBerry Z10 forward and give the company a powerful presence in the market. Amidst iPhones and a plethora of Android handsets that come with huge screens and great specifications, the small 3.1 inch screen for the handset looks minuscule indeed. But the handset also comes with a QWERTY keyboard that may excite the old BlakcBerry fans to go for it once again.

But the times have changed when QWERTY keyboards were great attraction for smart-phone lovers and BlackBerry was the king of them all. Now the beautiful touchscreen handsets come with best features available in the market and they all come with good virtual keyboards that are as good as any physical keyboards. They are also better in one sense as they don’t occupy the physical place of the small screen of the smart-phone and you can use them when you want them to. The handset comes with reasonably good specs including has a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor, 2GB of Ram, an 8 megapixel camera and a 3.1 inch display.

In the meantime the handset’s US launch date is still not clear as the handset has yet not been approved by Federal Communication Commission (FCC), though it has been appeared at the FCC and there are reasons to believe that it will be cleared for US launch pretty soon. Reports suggest that it is not going to take very long before it comes to the United States as BlackBerry is keen to introduce the handset here as early as possible. It seems to have realised its fault in delaying the launch of BlackBerry Z10 in US. The company has concluded that people don’t wait for the launch of a handset for long as they have many options and go for the next best thing if other products don’t show up in the market. Smart-phone market in the US is set for an imminent overhaul with almost all the top smart-phones including Samsung Galaxy S4, Taiwanese tech giant HTC’s new flagship handset One and Korean tech giant LG’s Optimus G Pro waiting to be launched in the US market. HTC One is set to be introduced in US this week, while Galaxy S4 of Samsung will be introduced in the market on 24 April by Sprint and then BlackBerry Q10 also set to be launched in the second quarter. So things are very exciting for smart-phone lovers in the US.

In many markets the handset is already available. In UK it will be officially launched on April 29th, but it is already available on many shops. Rumors suggest that the company is expected to roll out a modified Blackberry 10.1 operating system with their all new Blackberry Q 10. The Carphone Warehouse (CPW) has declared in UK that their customers will be able to avail pre- orders for the Blackberry Q 10 on Orange, O2, T- Mobile, EE, Three, and TalkMobile.  “Today, Carphone Warehouse (CPW) customers in the United Kingdom will be able to pre-order the BlackBerry Q10 on O2, Orange, T- Mobile, Three, EE and TalkMobile,” Blackberry had announced on their blog post. “The handset will be available for purchase in Carphone Warehouse stores from the end of April.” On the other hand in another very important market, two of the major carriers of Canada, Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp, both announced that they have started pre- orders of the Blackberry Q 10 on their carriers. But, however, they did not reveal the exact date of launch of the QWERTY device. Telus is giving away the device at a price of $199 with a three-year service contract or at one time payment of $700 without any service agreement. Rogers Communications Inc is said to offer the Blackberry Q10 priced at $200 along with a 3-year service contract. However, Rogers are yet to confirm the initials.

On the other hand, the smart-phone has been favourably reviewed by most reviewers. An ABC News reviewer showers fullsome praise on this smartphone. “It is a fully modern BlackBerry – and not just by BlackBerry standards. It’s fast, has a mobile browser that beats many of the others and an outstanding physical keyboard. No, its battery life and camera are not as strong as the competition, but its bigger issue lies with the fact that it runs a brand new operating system. While the software offers something entirely different than others, overall it and its app store lack the robustness of Google, Apple and even Microsoft’s offerings…Many who have been waiting for a new Blackberry with a keyboard and a real browser will find the Q10 to be the phone they have been waiting on for so long. As for me, I’d replace my Bold with the Q10 in a heartbeat, but ultimately it’s not enough to become the only phone I carry”, says the reviewer.

BlackBerry Q10 comes with everything great. 3.1in 720×720 Super AMOLED touchscreen, physical QWERTY keyboard, dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 4G and HSDPA connectivity, 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, 8MP autofocus rear-facing camera with LED flash and HD 1080p video, 2MP HD 720p front camera, Blackberry 10 mobile operating system, 119.6×66.8×10.4mm, 139g and everyone expects this great handset to be a super hit in the market. In the meantime reports suggest that Blackberry Q10 will arrive in the U.S. mid or late May and will be priced 249 with a two-year contract. The good news is the It will be available for Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile USA. The extensive availability will certainly help BlackBerry, but the handset should have arrived in the US earlier. The handset is expected to be priced $249 in the US with two year contract.


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  • Justus Hogge

    “They all come with good virtual keyboards that are as good as any physical keyboards.” What? Can you provide an empirical study for that assertion?

  • James Killough

    The author of the post is clearly not a real writer. I need that keyboard — I do some serious writing on my BlackBerry that just can’t be done on a touch screen. Bring it on Q10. Please.

  • Chipper Sql

    I will be getting the Q10 as soon as Sprint offers it. Have had it with the Android toys and need something that will benefit my business. Who cares about games and stuff like that.

  • txgina

    I am anxiously awaiting the Q10. I’ve been using Droid’s the last few years and am ready to return to BB.

  • Jueceman

    Tablets are getting cheaper and my smartphone just simply does too much. Guess what? Tablets do just as much as smartphones without the cell and data radios. So now, when I buy a q10 I don’t have to worry about missing a phone call while my cell is playing a movie on my flatscreen, or missing a text while I’m playing Dope Wars, or fumbling it in my car when its playing songs on the stereo. My tablet takes care of those duties now and the will q10 make having a cell phone regular again. Plus I don’t care what anyone says, random on the spot input with qwerty is waaaaay faster than touch screens simply because after you’ve mastered your keyboard, you don’t have to look at it. I’ve always had to pay attention to a touch screen. And who writes alot with touchscreens?. Its a total tedious task. I’d write an entire disertation on a blackberry qwerty