BlackBerry 10 rumors going strong


    BlackBerry 10 is all the rage right now weeks before its arrival in the market. Many long-time BlackBerry fans who have been upset over the dwindling stock of their favourite smart-phone manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) in recent years are pinning their hopes on the arrival of a new BlackBerry OS besides new set of handsets.

    BlackBerry on the other hand is also working hard to ensure the success of its new operating system that makes it really competitive against market leaders including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android besides of course Redmond based Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. But to be true, it is a tall order as Android has improved tremendously over the last more than one year and it is as good as Apple’s iOS. On the other hand Windows Phone 8 seems to have become a very reliable OS thanks to its refined interface. Microsoft is feeling elated with great reviews it is getting from across the world and the way latest Nokia Lumia 920 running on Windows Phone 8 has gone to become a huge success.

    Meanwhile the new handsets from Blackberry that will debut early next year are making headlines. A prototype of the touch screen version of the BlackBerry 10 showcased by the RIM looks like iPhone in shape and it comes with great features including more intuitive auto correct; different colors and tones for messages besides of course and virtual tools that strike a “balance” between your work and personal stuff.

    It has been very difficult time for Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian company that controlled as much as 10 percent of the smart-phone market even last year. Its stocks nosedived depriving its investors as much as $80 billion over the years, the highest for any technology company in the world. There were even rumors that the company may take the route of Android for a revival, but somehow it seems to have shelved the plan and invest on what best it can offer on its own OS. To be true, BlckBerry made its mark by offering enterprise solutions and not on giving great entertainment options to its users and it is going to be the same thing in the future.

    Meanwhile many photos of the Blackberry 10 L-series have been leaked to the media. In a photograph posted on a few websites Blackberry 10 L-series was seen next to Apple iPhone 5, recently introduced Windows Phone 8 handset Nokia Lumia 920 and we can surely expect amore photos with Android handsets including Galaxy note 2, Galaxy S3 or even HTC One X. Research in Motion (RIM) seems to have finally learned as to how to create excitement.


    1. “..To be true, BlckBerry made its mark by offering enterprise solutions and not on giving great entertainment options to its users and it is going to be the same thing in the future…”

      I think it will offer both enterprise solutions AND great entertainment options for its users.
      You should read up more on its improvements to its browser and all of the third party apps it is driving to get developed for just that reason.

    2. Technically speaking, if we’re talking about shapes, the iPhone resembles RIM in shape 😉

      Rectangular device with rounded corners = RIM’s oldest models!

    3. I prefer some of the initial images of the blackberry 10 alpha in white. It does resemble the iphone and I think that is a good thing. Blackberry is the ORIGINAL smartphone but I do think the look of the iphone is the best out there currently. Please do not texturize the back…that would make it look like the very masculine SAMSUNG rugby model….I like the sleek back and side…you can also get a skin or cover if you want “better” grip

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