BY | December 1, 2012

Blackberry 10 handsets are hogging the limelight much before their actual release in the next few months. The once’ top smart-phone manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) is trying to find its feet in murky waters of very competitive market that is dynamically different from the time it used to lord over the market. Its handsets were the most sought after products that used to fill its coffers.

But things are no longer the same with the Canadian company that controlled as much as 10 percent of the smart-phone market even last year. Its stocks nosedived depriving its investors as much as $80 billion over the years, the highest for any technology company in the world. There were even rumors that the company may take the route of Android for a revival, but somehow it seems to have shelved the plan and invest on what best it can offer on its own OS. To be true, BlckBerry made its mark by offering enterprise solutions and not on giving great entertainment options to its users and it is going to be the same thing in the future.

In the meantime the Ontario, Canada based company has given BlackBerry Dev Alpha C, a handset that its dedicated developers can use to test their applications. Research in Motion seems to be preparing itself for the formal launch of BlackBerry 10 on January 30, almost two months from now. RIM is reportedly working on introducing BlackBerry 10 QWERTY device as early as next year as it tries to find a winning product.

Meanwhile many photos of the Blackberry 10 L-series have been leaked to the media. In a photograph posted on a few websites Blackberry 10 L-series was seen next to Apple iPhone 5, recently introduced Windows Phone 8 handset Nokia Lumia 820 and we can surely expect amore photos with Android handsets including Galaxy note 2, Galaxy S3 or even HTC One X.


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    what about Nikia lumia n710 how much per month as a contract

  • rajan

    I’m Eagerly waiting for this..

  • dmleman

    Both my wife and I will be upgrading to BB10 phones as soon as they come out. We really like what we have seen so far.