BY | January 29, 2013

Will the 2013 be the comeback year of Research In Motion? Can RIM get back to the fore of mobile market with its upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS? With the release date of BlackBerry 10, January 30, is near the corner, analysts are busy talking about the possibility of BlackBerry’s return to the global market. Well, only a few hours are remaining for the official release of the firmware and compatible devices from the Canadian firm. Here we check all news and updates about BlackBerry 10 OS and devices.

It’s Comeback Year for RIM

According to the famous Gartner analyst Phil Redman, it will be a good comeback year for BlackBerry. In a blog post, Mr. Redman has firmly said that the year 2013 would herald the return of BlackBerry. He thinks that BB 10 OS can’t beat iOS or Android. But, it can be a good platform and the enterprise sector may realize its value better than consumers.

“Now I don’t expect it to surpass iOS or Android sales,  but I think this device has great comeback potential.  And the fact that enterprises can support it using Exchange Active Synch offers a low impact solution if they don’t upgrade to the BES 10,” says Mr. Redman.

Apart from hardware and other features, user interface will define the new OS version from RIM, he adds. “It’s the user experience that will make the difference, which is where RIM focused its energies,” he writes. This assertion looks sensible as RIM has spent lots of time to renovate a new interface dubbed the Flow for BlackBerry 10. The Flow UI is expected to be far smoother and nice for users to surf through and enjoy.

RIM Stocks Rise

There is a tremendous upward move in RIM’s recent stock performances. Ahead of the release of BlackBerry 10 OS, the stock value of RIM climbed around 8.5 percent to $17.20 per share. Since January 15’s $14.50 per share, RIM’s stock value has moved up to a total of 17.49 percent. It has been a good increase in the stock performance of the firm during the last two years.

Of now, reports suggest that RIM’s stocks went up steeply with the rumor spreading that the Chinese firm Lenovo is to take over the BlackBerry maker. As a result, the company’s stock soared up to a new 52-week high Thursday with $18.32. The previous higher stock value of RIM was $18.08.

Meanwhile, asked about the news on acquiring RIM, Lenovo’s Chief Finance Officer Wong Wai Ming said that the company was looking for various business collaborations. “We are looking at all opportunities – RIM and many others,” Wong said. “We’ll have no hesitation if the right opportunity comes along that could benefit us and shareholders.”

More Images of BlackBerry Z10 Leak

With only a few hours remaining for the official release of BlackBerry 10, more images of the rumored Z10 touchscreen-only device leak to web. Some sources have recently published 3D images of the handset, which is said to become one of the high-end BlackBerry 10 OS-based handsets. For Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo, BB Z10 is more appealing than Apple iPhone. After going through its leaked images and specs, he says the Z10 is a hot phone.

“The BlackBerry Z10 is hot. Truly beautiful, elegant hardware. If the OS is as nice as it seemed at CES, I will totally snatch one up,” says Mr. Diaz, who hated BlackBerry phones due to their “disgracefully ugly bricks.”

Diaz has also had a look to the iPhone Vs BlackBerry Z10 renderings on Flicker posted by Martin Hajek. He has posted 3D images of both the devices as a comparison. “I love that is has zero navigation/home/crap buttons at the bottom. It does it all through the screen’s touch abilities – and that’s all you need,” Diaz adds.


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