Thanksgiving weekend tablets, smart phones deal: Opening time


    Thanksgiving weekend is merely days away and there is unprecedented excitement in the air. This is going to be the best Black Friday in term of the amount of money that buyers are expected to spend. The offers and deals are also going to be huge this time given the fact that retailers want to attract the highest number of shoppers to maximise their profit. A report suggests that during this holiday season retailers will make as much as forty percent of their annual profits and so from retailers perspective too, this is one of the most important time in their plan of things.

    This is the reason that retailers seem to have made comprehensive preparations well before the arrival of the occasion. Not just they are opening early, they are ready to take on their employees and force them to be in attendance on Thanksgiving night. Walmart employees are on warpath and dozens of their showrooms employees have said that they will boycott their Black Friday working hours, but the employers are not giving in. Most of the stores will open for Black Friday by 8 PM on Thanksgiving Day and they are offering mouth-watering deals on everything to attract everyone on this big day.

    To be true, this year, the emphasis of not just the buyers, but also retailers seem to be on tech products including gizmos, tablets, smart-phones and laptops. HDTVs are in demand, but there seems to be higher demand for smart-phones and tablets. And companies are dancing on the tunes of more and more demanding shoppers. So all the top retailers be it Best Buy, Walmart or Target they are offering more and more tech deals. The trio sent emails detailing their huge deals on such products directly to their registered users. Apple products are rarely part of Black Friday deals. But this year Walmart is going to sell the Apple iPad 2 with a $75 Walmart gift card for $399 on Black Friday. Though this may not seem huge by many Black Friday enthusiasts, but for Apple fans this is a real bonanza.

    Best Buy seems to have taken the lead when it comes to tablet. If you want to go for 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, this prized tablet is going to be available for just   $179.99 for 8GB version. If you go for this tab you will save $70 besides getting a free $20 Best Buy Gift Card that you can use on some other material. Another very good offer from best Buy is on Amazon Kindle Fire 8GB version. On 23rd November when you go to Best Buy you will get it for $159.99 and will get $30 gift card from the top retailer. Amazon’s latest 16GB Kindle Fire HD that is giving very tough fight to Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad Mini will be available for just $199.99 and you will get $30 Best Buy Gift Card. There are other great other offers from best Buy and it includes 16GB Acer Iconia Tab A200. It will be available for $249.99. This means that you will get $100 in savings on regular price of $399.99.

    Best Buy will also include a Samsung 15.6” laptop with 4 GB memory and 500 GB hard drive for $349.95, and a Toshiba – 40″ Class – LCD – 1080p – 60Hz – HDTV for $179.99. Meanwhile Target Black Friday deals are also going to be hot and attractive. Their deals include APEX 32” 720 p LCD HDTV for merely $147. Another great deal is available on Nook simple touch e-reader that you can snap for merely $49. Yu can also get Nikon L310 digital camera for $99.99. deals from Walmart are no less attractive and include LG Blu-ray player for $38, Emerson 32-inch TV for $148 and Nintendo Wii for $89. By the way they have huge deals on almost everything in their inventory.

    BLACK FRIDAY opening time for different retail showrooms

    Sears: 8 p.m. Thursday, Toys “R” Us: 8 p.m. Thursday, Walmart: 8 p.m. Thursday, Target: 9 p.m. Thursday, Boston Store: Midnight, Kohl’s: Midnight, Macy’s: Midnight, JC Penney: 6 a.m. Friday