Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug goes to Phase 3 trial, stock surge 10%

Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug goes to Phase 3 trial, stock surge 10%

Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug goes to Phase 3 trial, stock surge 10%  

This is certainly a great news for medical fraternity and more so for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. This drug has excited many people across the world for the last several years and now when it moves to phase 3 trial, the drug seems to be looking closer than ever before.

Though the medical world seems to have improved as far as treatment of Alzheimer’s is concerned, we still need to go a long way before we have a true treatment for the dreadful disease that is afflicting an ever larger number of people.

Biogen Idec has now given a sort of new hope to millions and millions of people across the world by announcing about the development. The world has been so much impressed by the announcement that from medical world to Wall Street honchos, everyone seems to be talking about it. By the way Wall Street was so much impressed by it that company’s stock surged as much as almost 10% in a single day.

alzheimerThe company announced to a very impressed world that its Alzheimer’s medicine aducanumab’s Phase 1b study showed that it was actually safe for people to take.

While talking about the development a very excited Dr. Alfred Sandrock, group senior vice president and chief medical officer at the company said, “This is the first time an investigational drug for Alzheimer’s disease has demonstrated a statistically significant reduction on amyloid plaque as well as a statistically significant slowing of clinical impairment in patients with prodromal or mild disease…Based on these results, we are advancing the aducanumab clinical program to Phase 3 with plans to initiate enrollment later this year.” In February this year the Alzheimer’s Association projected the cost of treating the disease in the U.S. could swell to as much $1 trillion a year by 2050. This is a huge sum indeed.

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