Bhanwari Devi’s remains found




    The CBI is claiming to have found the remains of Bhanwari Devi the nurse who is suspected to have been murdered on the behest of Rajasthan Minister Mahipal Maderna. The CBI has found searching the Rajiv Gandhi canal have found a bag with what could be her remains along with a sharp weapon and two pistols.

    The CBI has sent the remains for forensic evaluation and DNA testing. If the remains are confirmed to be those of Bhanwari Devi, this could reflect a breakthrough in the case. The investigating team had so far been unable to locate the body.

    CBI says that the nurse and part time actress in local shows, was killed for blackmailing the minister and another Rajasthan legislator Malkhan Singh. One of the accused in the case has reportedly told the police that she was killed and burnt in Jaloda village. A CBI team subsequently accompanied Jakhad, one of the accused, to the site to see if they can find any proof of the crime, which could be crucial in nailing the guilty.

    Bhanwari Devi, a rajasthan nurse and local actress for folk videos disappeared on September 1st. Husband Amarchand Nath filed a case with the police alleging that state Congress minister Mahipal Maderna was behind the disappearance and murder of his wife.

    The CBI arrested Maderna on December 3rd. Details have now surfaced which indicate that Maderna had hired several goons to abduct and kill Bhanwari Devi using Sahiram Bishnoi, a small-time politician from Jodhpur, as his liaison.