Bhanwari Devi muder case: A Bollywoodsian plot

Bhanwari Devi muder case: A Bollywoodsian plot


The CBI on Monday sent Malkhan Singh Bishnoi, a Congress legislator and a key conspirator in the disappearance and murder case of nurse Bhanwari Devi, to judicial custody. The MLA was arrested by the CBI on December 19th and was to be produced in the court on January 2nd.

The case, which implicates former Rajasthan Congress minister Mahipal Maderna has taken many a Bollywoodsian twists and turns.

The case

Bhanwari Devi, a rajasthan nurse and local actress for folk videos disappeared on September 1st. Husband Amarchand Nath filed a case with the police alleging that state Congress minister Mahipal Maderna was behind the disappearance and murder of his wife.

The CBI arrested Maderna on December 3rd. Details have now surfaced which indicate that Maderna had hired several goons to abduct and kill Bhanwari Devi using Sahiram Bishnoi, a small-time politician from Jodhpur, as his liaison.

The body is yet to be found, but the CBI believes it has ‘clinching evidence’ in the case.

The Scandal

Bhanwari Devi was involved with Maderna in a sexual relationship. She had even made a tape of it, and was blackmailing Maderna. Malkhan Singh Bishnoi, the man who introduced her to Maderna, and a co-conspirator in the case, was the father of one of her children.

Bhanwari was apparently blackmailing Malhan Singh too.

The Big Twist

It transpires that Amarchand Nath, her husband and the man who had first brought the disappearance to the notice of the police was himself involved in the case. When the CBI started to question him he tried to run away. He was arrested on December 8th.

He had now confessed to being promised Rs 10 lakhs for assisting in the kidnapping and murder of his wife. He role was limited to sending her alone on the bus on September 1st.

The conspirators

Apart from Mahipal Maderna was is believed to have instigated the murder, five others are accused in the sensational case.

Sahiram Bishnoi, Malkhan Singh Bishnoi, Shahabuddin, Sohan Lal and Baldev Jaat alias Balia.

Sahiram Bishnoi, a small-time politician from Jodhpur, is accused of hiring Shahabuddin, Sohan Lal and Baldev Jaat alias Balia to kidnap Bhanwari on Sep 1 at the behest of sacked Rajasthan minister Mahipal Maderna. He has been remanded to custody till January 6th.

Malkhan Singh is the man who introduced Bhanwari to Maderna. He had confessed to having a sexual relationship with Bhanwari too.

Phone records have surfaced in which Bhanwari could be heard talking to Singh’s sister discussing how much money she will get to keep her relationship with him secret.

The CBI is still quizzing Maderna’s wife Leela Maderna and is on the lookout for Malkhan Singh’s sister Indra Bishnoi.

Both Bishnoi and Maderna have been suspended from the primary membership of the Congress party.

Now What

The CBI had Sunday carried out an aerial survey of Jadol area in the Jodhopur rural suspecting that the nurse’s body was buried in the ground somewhere there. Some special devices were used to trace the body. The area was videographed using helicopter.

Expect this case to haunt Rajasthan politics for sometime.

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