Best iPad apps: 5 apps that will make your day better


    Everyone seems to have a list of best iPad apps. Here we talk about 5 apps that will make your day better

    Apple iPad sales are skyrocketing with every passing day. December sales figures are certain to break all the past sales records. Notwithstanding the fact that more and more Android tablets are being launched in the market, Apple’s hold is only getting stronger over this niche market. Many iPad ‘killers’ were launched and went into ignominy without any trace.

    With the rise of iPhone and iPad tablet, the demand for their apps too has been going up and up. There is no sign that tablet sales may go down anytime soon. On the contrary tablet computers will see an explosion in sales over the next four years, selling 60% as many units as PCs by 2015 – and Apple’s iPad will still have almost half the market by then, says the research group Gartner in a bullish forecast. This should be a sweet music to Apple bosses.

    The same report by Gartner says that Google’s Android faces many problems when compared to Apple as most of the tablets are overpriced, weak user interface and limited tablet applications.

    Meanwhile with the increased Apple tablet and iPhone demand, the demand for Apps is also going up by leaps and bounds. Better and still better apps are being introduced every other day in the market and both users and apps developers are also extremely happy.

    Vital Signs Camera iPad App: With the blood pressure and heart problems becoming very common, Vital Signs Camera iPad App becomes very handy for the users. It is a very essential app for checking the heart rate and breathing rate using iPad 2 cameras. Vital Signs Camera is a wonderful contribution in the iPad apps by Phillips. It can easily monitor your heart rate remotely. It is built on the new cutting edge technology to measure breathing rate and heart rate at your home. The technology used in this app is so advanced that it can tell your heart rate by just checking the color of your face.

    Experts have heaped praise on this very useful app. Using the app is very easy too. The user should keep his or her face in the designated area and then simply remain still and quiet during the measurement period, which lasts a few seconds. The camera app detects the small changes in colour that indicate blood flow and the pulse, and also is able to track the chest movements to count the breathing rate. If you need your friends to know your pulse and respiratory rate (and why shoudn’t you? It’s not like this is an odd information to be shared with the world…), the app allows you to share the results with friend lists from Facebook or Twitter.

    Alarmed iPad App:  If you are searching a good alarm app, nothing could be better than this. Reviewers have said that this probably is the best alarm app for iPhone and iPad. Alarmed iPad App reminds you great way to set your alarm easily and use it. It is one of the best solutions for all of your reminder issues. The customization in this app is very flexible and allows very good snoozing options. App offers you to choose from built in alarm tunes or iTunes playlist. The editing and making new reminders is easy and convenient in Alarmed. A drop down menu is there for the fast access to the app features. Making new notes and reminders is very quick and easy task. It is a very trusted app for reminders. This app never forgets the important reminder and events you have entered earlier. The sleep timer is also another great feature of this app. Just listen to your favorite music as an alarm tone. The support for this app is also awesome and allows full backup option.

    Photon Flash Web Browser iPad App: iPad doesn’t come with Flash. But there is an app that allows you to use your iPad for browsing flash content too. Photon Flash Web Browser is one of the best one web browsers for iPad. The web browsing with Photon is really a special experience. The most wonderful feature of Photon browser for iPad is the flash support i.e. you can watch flash videos, see flash animations online and play online flash games. It is also a powerful browser that supports Flash player for iPad and the browsing of Flash websites by streaming these sites from servers in the cloud. One nice feature is that Photon allows you to set how much of your bandwidth you want to use. Once I adjusted the settings, it handled everything I threw at it, from Amazon Instant Videos to Marvel Digital Comics.  As with all streaming, the video quality and watchability can be hit-or-miss and the streaming interface is at times frustrating, but no other app is as easy to use and works as well on as many websites.

    WordPress: There are blogs and then there is WordPress. It is world’s biggest blogging platforms and finally it has arrived on the iPad with many of the features that made it such a hit on the desktop intact. Bloggers can create, save, publish, and schedule posts and pages. You can even upload images directly from the iPad.

    Beejive IM: It is a very useful app to chat with your near and dear ones on your iPad tablet. The app supports multiple IM services, including AIM, Google Chat, Facebook chat and many others. You can send files and photos from the app itself. You can record audio messages and share chats with other people through e-mail, customize the wallpaper and toggle sounds among default, Yahoo, AIM or MSN. Groups can be displayed as pre-configured buddy lists, and accounts such as Google Talk and Facebook IM. The graphical user interface resembles somewhat the iChat style. In other words, your current IM conversation displays message bubbles. Some of the features that made the transition from the iPhone include voice messages, picture uploading, and emailing a chat transcript. The app will also allow you to do group chat, send push notifications when the app is closed, and it will also support hyperlinks and emoticons.