Bernie Sanders for President: Draws 28000 people in Portland

Bernie Sanders for President: Draws 28000 people in Portland

Bernie Sanders for President: Draws 28000 people in Portland

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is giving tough time to Hillary Clinton campaign managers. There is no denying the fact that till now Hillary’s 2016 White house bid looked most oiled of all, nonetheless the way Bernie Sanders is attracting massive crowds wherever he goes seems to be giving shivers to her campaign managers.

There is no denying the fact that at such an early stage, any presidential hopeful drawing crowds in their tens of thousands is simply hard to decipher.

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders stunned almost everyone, both in Democrats and Republicans when his campaign managers citing official data claimed that on Sunday night he attracted his largest audience yet, about 28,000 people in Portland, Ore.

bernie sanders for presidentThe senator from Vermont has already become a talking point in the Capitol Hill and almost everyone seems to be taking him rather very seriously. This seems to be strange given the fact that till just a few weeks ago no one was giving him a chance against formidable hopefuls like Hillary Clinton.

Reports suggest that Sanders actually appeared at a Portland arena with a capacity close to 20,000. There were additional 8,000 people gathered in overflow areas set up for the event. This is not merely a claim of his managers, it has been backed by official figures from local authorities too.

There is no denying the fact that even Sanders was left speechless by seeing the massive crowd that had gathered to listen to him. “Whoa! Unbelievable!” were his words as he came on the stage. He talked sense when he said that he was opposed to political influence of the “billionaire class” and promised a better lot for the working class. One thing that instantly got the approval of the crowd was his promise of a minimum wage increase besides of course expanded Social Security benefits. When compared to the crowds that he is attracting, Hillary Clinton seems to be getting lukewarm response. Her largest audience thus far was 5,500 that was seen at her formal kickoff in June in New York.

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