Before iPhone 5 release, Apple to double down secrecy


    Apple CEO Tim Cook has indicated that before iPhone 5 release the company is set to double down secrecy

    Cupertino based technology giant, Apple, is set to ‘double down’ secrecy on its new products. Speaking at All Things D conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed his company’s plan to increase secrecy before launching new products. Apple is already known for its strict secrecy policy regarding new products, production process and tech specs. But Cook’s new statement clearly shows that there might have some compromise in its secrecy recently. The company is now to double down on that secrecy.

    Later, in another public interview, Tim Cook shared some tantalizing details about Apple’s new products. The company is set to roll out an enhanced Apple TV product, a revamped Siri voice recognition for iPhone and enhanced Facebook integration. Well, all these things have been rumored for a while. Yet, Cook denied answering the queries regarding the specs of Apple’s upcoming products including the potential iPhone 5. “I feel strongly that being secretive on the product side of our business is so important,” Cook said.

    Apple production in the U.S
    Replying a question, Cook said Apple would like to see its products being manufactured in the U.S. As of now, the company outsources its products to firms in China, Taiwan and other Asian countries. The company has been recently blamed for deprived working conditions in a Chinese plant, which produces iPad and iPhone.

    To meet the issue, the company has started taking monthly audits of the working conditions instead of previous annual audits, he said. Anyway, the Apple head said he wanted to see its products made in the U.S. in future. “I want there to be,” Cook said. “I think there are things that can be done in the U.S., not just for the U.S. market, but things that can be exported for the world.”

    Apple’s new offerings
    Revamped Apple TV: Apple CEO has now confirmed that the company is working on a redesigned Apple TV. It has been in rumor for a long time that the company is to build a completely new Apple TV to ensure its presence in the television industry. Cook said that the company sold over 2.7 million Apple TV internet receivers this year. It is about the same count of TV sets sold by Apple in the previous year. “This is an area of intense interest to us,” he added. The new Apple TV is aimed to kill competition in the internet TV industry that has the likes of Google TV and others.

    New Siri application: Siri is Apple’s famous voice recognition app that was introduced on iPhone 4S last year. Many complaints have been reported with the feature since then. Apple CEO has now said that the new version of Siri is under work and it will come with the fixes and several new features. Possibly, the new Siri will make the iPhone 5 a star on market. In fact, Siri was initially introduced at an earlier All Things D conference before Apple took over Siri.

    “I think you’re going to be really pleased with where we’re taking Siri” Cook said. “We’ve got some cool ideas about what Siri can do. Siri proved to us that people want to relate to the telephone in a different way.”

    Facebook integration: There will be an increased Facebook integration over Apple’s new iPads and iPhones. Currently, there are some issues with the Facebook integration on iPad devices. Tim Cook has now admitted that the company is working on to foster a more immersive Facebook experience for iOS device users.