Bears and wolves prospering in in Europe

Bears and wolves prospering in in Europe

Bears and wolves prospering in in Europe

At a time when the world is concerned about vanishing animals in some parts of the world reports have surfaced that how bears and wolves are thriving in Europe.

It is being termed as good sign for the comeback of carnivore. What is striking is that the carnivores are thriving in Europe whose population density is double of the United States.

This has been confirmed by a new study that has collected data from Europe. And during their research it was found that carnivores were experiencing resurgence in their numbers. Moreover, the remarkable thing has been that these animals have been growing in non-protected areas where they have been found to coexist alongside humans.

black bearThe reason for this success has been attributed to cross-border cooperation. Besides, strong regulations and public attitudes towards wildlife have also helped the animals to stay comfortably in densely populated area without any fear of being poached or harmed.

Study leader Guillaume Chapron, a professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences’ Grims Wildlife Research Station, told Live Science: “In Europe, we don’t have unspoiled, untouched areas. But what is interesting is, that does not mean we do not have carnivores. Au contraire; we have many carnivores.”

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