Basaki Naga temple in Bhalessa: Model of Amity

Basaki Naga temple in Bhalessa: Model of Amity

Basaki Naga has several temples in the vernacular style in Bhalessa area, some of them are at Bheja and Gandoh. The main temple Kalgoni may be typical example of the Naga temples is located at an idyllic location on the top of a ridge, providing a magnificient panoramic view on all sides, yet most of the Naga temples in Bhaderwah may be found surrounded with thick deodar trees, away from the habitation. Named after the major stream of Bhalessa “Kalgoni’ which starches from “Kansozoo” and merge into the chenab after. The Kalgoni Temple remained all along a source of Hindu Muslim amity. For surrounding of this temple is virtually bald. In front of the temple, at a distance, is a raised plateform (Chabutra). On it, stylished iron tridents and other votive objects are piled. The temple is placed on the raised square plinth. The roughly wrought square wooden pillers support the steeply pyramidal structure of the roof, which is covered with the corrugated iron sheets topped by a chiseled wooden pinnacle..

The Basaki Naga temple at Kalgoni in Bhalessa has undergone considerable renovation by the management of Sanathan Dharam Sabha in the few years that make it look a bit outlandish and stand apart from its genre in general appearance, but in essence, it hardly differs from them.

The sanctum occupies the central area, leaving about a metre wide open passage all around for circumambulation. It is enclosed by the wooden four walls.

The Naga temple in Kalgoni is surrounded by Mosques, Shrine of Hazrat Gayas Ud Din (RA), ancient Hindu place like Durga Mata Cave in Khaljugasar, and Mehlwaar,  are really a great mortars for cementing this age old tradition of living with peace and botherhood.

A fair is held at Kalgoni Temple in the month of Bishakhi where the local Muslims and Hindus celebrate the same as a common venture. Holy places could be promoted to conduct the tourists to historical places like Naga Temple of Kalgoni as well as in other village temples.
Jamia Masjid Changa and Kalgoni temple are historical one, the ties between two communities has had maintained owing to such monumental holy places of hindus and muslims. Kalgoni Temple is excuted by Sanathan Dharam Sabha Bhalessa. Here is an Aman Committee aims at creating peaceful environment in the terrain. The committee has played a key role during turmoil. Both the communities pledged to live and protect one an other from nefarious designs.

Interestingly, for the last five years, things began limping back to a semblance of normality in Bhalessa. The people of both the communities sit sare a common festivs in these holly places There are secular hindu leaders, as well as secular muslim leaders who represent their own communities in line with the religious guidelines to protect the age old tradition and culture. On the eve of ID, Deepawali, Holi, Ramadan people are hosting function for each other.

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