Bariatric Surgery Helps Joint Replacement and Asthma

Bariatric Surgery Helps Joint Replacement and Asthma

Bariatric Surgery Helps Joint Replacement and Asthma

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is becoming common. To be true it is becoming more common than it should be and many people –who actually don’t need a bariatric surgery –are also willing to fall in its trap for easy weight loss.

But it seems to be a ready-made solution for some people. Doctors claim that weight loss surgery is best suited for people who actually need knee or hip transplant.

With the obesity and extreme obesity cases on the rise, such procedures are becoming very common. Almost every hospital receives many patients who come to hospitals hoping to get rid of the extra flab that has made their movement more than a nightmare.

Many doctors in healthcare facilities recommend bariatric surgeries. While some of them may not be necessary, but in many cases this is the only solution left to be tried.obesity

Doctors claim that many severely obese people actually suffer from damage on their knees or hips because of the heavy weight that these areas are carrying every day. This is the reason that overweight people have to go for knees or hips replaced.

“Up to 50 percent of hip replacements are performed in obese patients at some institutions… Obesity is associated with longer hospital stays, higher overall costs and higher failure rates, necessitating costly revision surgery”, says Emily Dodwell, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and lead researcher.

The study says that the replacement cases for obese patients usually lead to the doctors advising the patient to lose weight before the replacement surgery is performed. This is because of the fact that in otherwise case the replacement too will not support the weight well. Researchers actually used a mathematical model to stimulate, analyze and understand the possible outcomes, costs of each treatment that is dependent on the data already published in literature references. And they reach a conclusion that weight loss surgery is best for obese patients who need knee or hip replacement for money and health benefits.

Lead author of this very useful study Dodwell says, “Some health care systems do not include weight loss surgery as a covered benefit, and it is possible that studies such as this will be helpful in re-evaluating whether weight loss surgery may be a reasonable covered benefit.” The research was submitted at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Las Vegas.

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