Bangkok bomb blast latest update: 27 dead, 80 injured, 2 more bombs found

Bangkok bomb blast latest update: 27 dead, 80 injured, 2 more bombs found

Bangkok bomb blast latest update: 27 dead, 80 injured, 2 more bombs found

Latest reports suggest that around twenty seven people have lost their lives and more than eighty people have been injured, many of them seriously, in a massive blast in the heart of Bangkok. The bomb blast site in Thai capital Bangkok, where the blast took place is looking like a ghost town with injured people and glasses of façade strewn all around the place that is one of the busiest places in town.

Reports suggest that the blast took place near massive Erawan Shrine at around 7.10pm local time.

In the meantime police and army have cordoned off the entire area and have completely evacuated the office districts close by.

On the other hand there are reports of officials finding another live bomb on the site. Reports suggest that the bomb is as powerful as the first one that was detonated. Officials are now trying their best to defuse the bomb.

In the meantime Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon told the media immediately after the blast that the bomb was placed inside the Erawan Shrine area. In the meantime Eric Seldin, of Thaicom Production Services, was 100 metres away when the explosion happened told Aljazeera correspondent “I was inside the Hyatt hotel having dinner when we heard an extremely loud explosion near the Ratchaprasong intersection…The windows were shattered and everyone at the hotel was startled…Security tried to shut down the hotel and attempted to keep everyone inside but I was able to go out and walk just about 50 metres close to the intersection…I noticed seven to eight covered bodies. There was damage to the ground of the shrine.

In the meantime leading news channel The Nation said that at least 27 people had been killed in the blast at the Erawan Hindu shrine. As many as four foreigners have been found among the dead. Reports suggest that most of the people injured in the blast were actually foreign nationals belonging to China and Taiwan.

An international writer Tom Vater, who is associated with Telegraph Travel’s Bangkok says, “The civil war that has been on going in the country’s south has never touched on Bangkok. And since the coup in May 2014 there has been little violent opposition to the military junta. In February, two small bombs exploded in front of the Siam Paragon shopping centre but there were no casualties. In the wake of these explosions, security was tightened but today’s blast was far worse, both in size and impact”.

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