Baltimore riots latest news; Fresh reports of looting keep it on edge

Baltimore riots latest news; Fresh reports of looting keep it on edge

Baltimore riots latest news;  Fresh reports of looting keep it on edge

Baltimore looked absolutely different on Monday morning. For many people it was hard to recognize the sprawling metro as the overnight violence and burning left the city battered and bruised.

Many buildings were completely burnt down, while several others were half burnt. Many shops were looted and many others destroyed by the gangs of thugs that walked without fear of law enforcement agencies.

The destruction was so much and the fear of violence looked so real that the governor had no option but to declare a state of emergency in Baltimore.

Courtesy: USA Today

Courtesy: USA Today

In the meantime schools were ordered shut and children had to stay back at home instead of going to schools as there was no surety that violence will not erupt again. Burnt down shops, wreckage of smoldering vehicles could be found almost everywhere.

The riots erupted across the city as soon as Freddie Gray was laid to rest. Protests against police soon deteriorated into devastating riots. Roving bands of looters, some armed with crowbars, roamed the city, hurling rocks at police, destroying patrol cars, smashing store windows and torching buildings.

Reports suggest that many police officers received grievous injuries. At least six officials are battling for their lives in several hospitals. In the meantime Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said in a news conference late Monday that an officer was hit in the head and another suffered severe damage to his knee cap.

While talking to the media he said, “All are going to be OK but sustained heavy damage to their bodies” and went on to add that the level of tension had come down. Nonetheless authorities were not ready to take chances and clamped down 10 p.m. curfew for Tuesday night.

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