Bajaj Quadricycle RE60 delayed as Tata, Maruti oppose it tooth and nail


    Bajaj Quadricycle RE60 has been delayed once again as leading car manufacturers Tata and Maruti Suzuki oppose it tooth and nail in road transport ministry meeting

    New Delhi: This is something that may look very appealing to millions and millions two-wheeler drivers across the country. Indian two wheeler maker Bajaj that has facing stiff competition from Japanese two-wheeler manufacturers including Honda and Yamaha, is being attacked by Indian car manufacturers including Tata and Maruti for its quadricycle project that is ready to be introduced in the market.

    Though this four wheeler looks like a car, but it is manufactured on motorcycle platform and comes with very light engine. That may be just sufficient to carry four people inside it and may give wider choice for people eager to go for their first car. Tata is one company that is opposing it tooth and nail as it believes that it will further destroy the market for its Nano car that has failed to get good market response. Tata, before the launch of Nano more than two years ago was hoping that its small 600 cc car will be well received in the market and will become best seller in India. But it has failed to get even reasonable response in the Indian market. Even rural India, people don’t feel enticed enough to go for it.

    Now this Bajaj quadricycle may further destroy the market for its Nano car. Maruti is also apprehensive of the project as it expects this Bajaj quadricycle to destroy the market of its entry level car Maruti 800 in rural India.

    They are putting pressure on the government that is trying to build a consensus on putting in place a policy framework for enabling ‘quadricycles’ not to approve it. These companies are asking the government not to allow these micro cars based on the motorcycle platform, on Indian roads.

    But Bajaj has its support base too. Mahindra and Mahindra is standing on its side while Tata and Maruti are hell bent on opposing the quadricycle concept. In a meeting convened by the road transport ministry yesterday Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki were very vocal against allowing Bajaj quadricycle on the Indian roads. Bajaj that is ready to launch its Quadricycle RE60 in the market and has showcased it to the world in 2012 Delhi Auto Expo is eager to get government’s go ahead to launch it commercially. India’s road transport ministry is looking the RE 60 as a viable replacement for three wheelers that looks safer than an auto rickshaw plying across Indian cities and hinterland.


    1. The Nano should have taught auto manufacturers a lesson about the Indian market…we are not cheap…!! i

    2. TATA is more worried about the 35kmpl avergae milege of RE60 since it can’t market Nano with 25kmpl anymore

    3. bajaj project is great and the car looks good not ugly as nano and safe too go ahead bajaj you can have a good market

    4. Has the author of the article has actually cared to read what actually has happened? or has he been paid by bajaj to write a one sided review?
      The context of this news goes back to the meeting by road transport where decision was being taken to allow quadricycles in place of autorickshaws in cities and the stance that Tata and Maruti took was that doing this would be retrograde and instead norms especially pollution should be equivalent to that of a car (look at it from environment point of view)
      comparing RE60 and nano/maruti is like oranges with apples….. while RE60 is a commercial vehicle intended to be sold as a taxi both nano and maruti are private vehicles which are not sold off as taxis (have you ever seen a nano/maruti with a yellow plate?
      Hence since the market is different the whole basis of writing this article makes no sense since its central argument is flawed. A more sensible argument would be comparing RE60 with tata magic iris which is almost the same category but then it would require the author to actually do some research instead of writing an article without any solid facts.
      Such a deplorable condition of indian press is shamful.

    5. correction on the statement “have you ever seen a nano/maruti with a yellow plate?”

      since the time maruti 800s were first introduced, they have been used as taxis in aizawl, mizoram. They have the yellow and black taxi colors and the proper taxi registration number plates. you can always verify

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