Back pain sufferers have same vertebrae as apes, study

Back pain sufferers have same vertebrae as apes, study

Back pain sufferers have same vertebrae as apes, study

Back pain is very common. A latest study claims that out of ten an overwhelming number of people suffer from back pain at some or the other time of their lives.

The study claims that out of ten as many as eight people suffer from it. This means that back pain is not exception, but a rule and eighty percent people suffer from it in their life time. This is not all. The report also claims that one in 20 people also suffer a slipped disc. It went on to add that this was highest among the people, especially men, between the ages of 30 and 50.

The study also goes on to add that people suffering from severe back pain may have vertebrae more like those of chimpanzees than of healthy human vertabrae, new research suggests.

ChimpanzeeThe study was conducted in Canada and reportedly compared the backs of as many as 141 humans, 56 chimps and 27 orangutans. The study concluded that humans with a common form of vertical slipped disc – known as “Schmorl’s nodes” – had vertabrae shaped more like those of chimpanzees.

The findings of the study have been published in the journal BMC Evolutionary biology. Meanwhile lead scientist of the study Dr Kimberly Plomp, from Simon Fraser University in Canada, says, “Our study is the first to use quantitative methods to uncover why humans are so commonly afflicted with back problems compared to non-human primates…The findings have potential implications for clinical research as they indicate why some individuals are more prone to back problems…This may help in preventative care by identifying individuals, such as athletes, who may be at risk of developing the condition.”

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