Pentagon condemns Russian convoy’s entry into Ukraine WASHINGTON: The US Department of Defense on Friday condemned an attempt by a Russian convoy to cross into Ukraine, citing assurances given to the US “that there would be no military intervention using … Continue reading

OIC condemns beheading of US journalist Foley JEDDAH: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Friday condemned the brutal beheading of US journalist James Foley by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Exercises of the ISIL have … Continue reading

50 Cent challenges Floyd Mayweather to read just one page of Harry Potter series book and claims he cannot While Floyd Mayweather’s preparations may be in full swing to face another tough opponent in his September fight, he is facing … Continue reading

This may seem unbelievable to many people. Atlantic Ocean is behind global warming pause In the 1990s the temperatures at Earth’s surface rose. Then it was expected that the temperature would rise fast because of the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse … Continue reading

Western drought in US causes Earth’s surface to rise. This shows the severe drought the region is facing. California’s mountains are rising. This might sound weird and unexpected. But for scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at U.C. San … Continue reading

Scientists find universe’s oldest star. This is a huge achievement for scientists across the world. This seems to be the oldest thing that has been found by astronomers in far away Milky Way Galaxy. Researchers say that they have found … Continue reading

With Galileo launch, European GPS becoming reality slowly. It is definitely a step forward in the right direction. The successful launch of the next two satellites in the Galileo network has been hailed. It was a cheerful moment for those … Continue reading

Icelandic volcano thunders ignite eruption fears. Iceland is on high alert. Many tourists have been evacuated and officials are keeping an eye on the development around Bárđarbunga volcano. The most noticeable thing that has left them worried is earthquake swarms … Continue reading

Nasa to send rats to ISS for micro-gravity test. I am sure this is going to tell us a lot about the micro-gravity. If things go on as US-space agency NASA wants then sooner or later the International Space Station … Continue reading

California drought is becoming worse. Scientists wonder if we can use Earth’s crust to address our water woes. American west is going dry by almost every passing day. The earth has so much dried up in the last few years … Continue reading

Gaza rocket injures 11 Israelis in Ashdod GAZA: At least 11 Israelis were injured Friday when a rocket fired from Gaza Strip directly hit a building in the central Israeli city of Ashdod. The Israeli radio reported that the rocket … Continue reading

Oceans hid the heat slowing global warming. But this slowdown will not last long. There is no denying the fact that many people were thinking that the global warming pause was a more long term thing than many thought. But … Continue reading

This is a new handset running on new operating system. Spice Fire One 1st Firefox OS smartphone with entry level specs launched @Rs2,299 Finally it is here. A handset running on Firefox operating system finally lands in the Indian market … Continue reading

This seems to be a great handset and at unbeatable price. 4.5incher Xolo Q610s with leather finish launched @Rs7499 The all new Xolo Q610s which is going to deliver you the best performance in all sense. It has an immersive … Continue reading