Samsung Ultra Slim Galaxy A5, Galaxy 3 show that Sammy has gone metallic. Both the handsets look superb The Korean tech giant Samsung has finally come out with pure beauties. Yes the metallic Ultra Slim Galaxy A5 and Galaxy 3 … Continue reading


This look rather very disappointing news for many of us. European fungus threatening US salamanders There is bad news for salamanders and newts lovers in the US. They are under threat from a ferocious fungal disease that is yet to … Continue reading

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo TUMBLES. This was the latest major disaster befalling the US space industry. A test flight that took place on Friday in California has gone wrong. Expected to soar in the sky after being fired, it rather exploded … Continue reading

They were thought to have become extinct some sixty years. But they have been found. Kashmir musk deer or Afghan VAMPIRE DEER sighted. A long-forgotten species of deer is the talk of wildlife specialists. Since its discovery by researchers of … Continue reading

deer Fanged in afghanistan

China completes first return mission to moon in 8 days. This shows that China is moving way faster than anyone else when it comes to space. Flush with billions and billions of dollars the country may beat them all in … Continue reading

china space

This may look like insane. But according to a top MIT scientists new route to Mars goes through asteroids How to travel to through space to Mars? This and other questions are being debated by planetary scientists and NASA. The … Continue reading

mars rover

It is certainly more than a jolt. It is 3rd big shock for US space industry. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Crashes, killing 1 pilot A pilot has been killed and at least one more was seriously injured in the test flight … Continue reading

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo

India is all set to amaze the world once again. ISRO’s Mars 2 mission set for 2018 This is certainly going to give another boost of sorts to the Indian space enthusiasts. Merely after completion of one month of successful … Continue reading

European fungus may destroy salamanders in United States. The fungus is really threatening not just Europe but also US too A fungus is at the centre of attraction. The most worrying part of this fungus is that after devastating amphibian … Continue reading

Carbonaceous chondrites source of water on earth, originated much earlier. Researchers claim that it came around 14 million years after the formation of our solar system. Water is crucial for flourishing of life. Its presence makes Earth special. Its qualities … Continue reading


‘Faint, ghostly glow’ from dead stars terrorize NASA’s Hubble Telescope. These ‘ghost’ stars are very far away from our solar system. But these are really very speculative pieces of news as we cannot definitely measure the distance. Stephen Hawking has … Continue reading

This is what it takes to beat the hell out of competitors. Lava Iris Fuel 50 to beat Xiaomi Redmi 1S with 3000mAh battery This series of handsets is going to beat all its competitors in the days to come. … Continue reading

lava iris fuel

The agency seems to be facing its worst days in a long, long time. Down and out NASA trying to restore image with Mars bound Orion spacecraft A few years ago when the topic of humans travel to space was … Continue reading

Skin-eating fungus spreading in Europe. Reports suggest that it is helping in spreading the dreadful infection in Europe and elsewhere A skin-eating fungus is at the centre of attraction. Attention towards this fungus was shifted only after zoologists found it … Continue reading