Toyota Motor plants lockout lifted by Karnataka, no undertaking   Bangaluru: Maruti Suzuki is not the only company facing trouble from unions in Haryana, other international companies too are facing the issue.   Toyota Motor plant in Bidadi, Karnataka was … Continue reading

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Nokia, Microsoft to seal deal in April despite India tax issues   Chennai: There were some apprehensions in the minds of a few people whether the Nokia-Microsoft deal will be consummated or not, but now it seems that both are … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 930

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 @ Rs 36,340 cometh to India   This was one of the most highly awaited tablet in the Indian market. Many had claimed that it was the best tab that Android offered till now and … Continue reading


Nokia Lumia 520 vs Nokia X vs Nokia Asha 502: A short comparison   Nokia seems to be in a hurry to launch as many handsets in the market as possible. This is the reason that the Finnish tech giant … Continue reading

NASA’s LADEE ends mission as it hits moon’s surface   The seven month NASA’s LADEE spaceship has finally hit the surface of the moon and got destroyed. Though many people are ruing the fact that it didn’t fall on the … Continue reading

UFC on Fox 11 results: Werdum hammers Browne   Both the fighters were coming after three impressive wins each and both held lots of promises for their respective fans. We all knew that the fight will be intense and close, … Continue reading

Warriors beat Los Angeles Clippers amid foul troubles   LOS ANGELES: Golden State Warriors vs the Los Angeles Clippers was an interesting match and the fans looked pretty happy by the intensity of the game.   There is no denying … Continue reading

Free drug samples for doctors come with a hidden agenda   The perception among patients in United States and other parts of the world is that getting a free sample of a prescription medication by their doctors is a good … Continue reading

LADEE spaceship automatically vaporized as it hit moon at 3,600 mph For last three weeks or even more we knew that the time of its demise was close. But people wanted to cling to hope that somehow it survived and … Continue reading


climate change worsening wildfires in the West   Wildfires are not new for some parts of the USA. The country has been battling it for long. It appears that there is no relief from it after new research suggested that … Continue reading

Immigration reform news: Bill hard to be passed in 2014   Till now the buzz was that the Republicans were unwilling to let pass the immigration legislation. But a new report shows that some in the Republicans want the bill … Continue reading

US Dragon spacecraft flies to International Space Station (ISS) despite bad weather   Friday was an important day for SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. It was slated to be blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station sending a Dragon cargo … Continue reading

Weight loss surgery impacts taste buds, smell   Weight-loss surgery or bariatric surgery is becoming very popular across the world, more specially in United States. Around 30 percent people in the US are suffering from obesity and there are reasons … Continue reading

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Free drug samples for doctors make medication costlier for patients   There is no denying the fact that sample drugs are prompting doctors to write expensive drugs compared to relatively cheap alternatives and other generic medicines that are quite inexpensive … Continue reading