ASUS Transformer Prime Vs Apple iPad 2:Is there a clear winner?


    Abdul Vahid V (NVONews.Com)

    The NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core featured ASUS Transformer Prime has swayed the tablet market in its favor. But can it win the tablet war? If tech specs are taken for evaluation, the iPad 2 simply falls short to the Prime. Yet, the iPad 2 shines in some areas because it is already an established tablet brand and it has Apple’s name that tilts the competition in its favor. Well, we have multitouch gestures, iCloud and similar great features on iPad 2. Anyway, coming to the core, we take the iPad 2 and the Prime for a comparison here. It is simply up to you to decide which one is the best.

    Processor: You may have heard that the Prime is the first device to feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad core processor. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang officially launched its quad-core Tegra 3 CPU at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012. It is the next gen processor technology, which boosts the speed of a device up to five times better than the current dual core chips. Indeed, the Prime has so far taken the maximum advantage of being the first quad core processor tablet. Certainly, the Prime fervor is there only because it has Tegra 3 under the hood.

    The iPad 2, which hit stores early 2011, runs on a 1GHz dual-core processor with Apple A5 chipset. At that time, the iPad 2 was a crowd puller with its dual core processor and custom designed A5 chip. But compared with the Tegra 3 powered Prime, iPad is just a loser today. Also, the Apple tablet only mounts a 512MB of RAM, when the Prime comes with a 1GB of RAM. So we can simply conclude that the Prime wins in this category with no fight from iPad. But Apple is getting ready for an intense fight. The Cupertino tech innovator has reportedly started to assemble a successor to the iPad 2. Needless to mention, the potential iPad 3 will stun us all with a quad core processor.

    Displays: The Eee Pad Transformer Prime has a classy 10.1-inch display screen. Its LED backlit screen is made of Super IPS technology. The iPad brand has a 9.7-inch display. Both original iPad and iPad 2 have similar displays. So will be the new iPad 3. The iPad 2’s screen is an LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology. The screen resolution of iPad and the Prime respectively goes 1024 X 768 pixels and 1280 X 800 pixels. Who is the winner here? It certainly depends on your choice. If you want a large screen the Prime is simply the winner. If you prefer a bit tinier screen, the iPad 2 wins for you.

    Operating System: It is actually the factor that puts iPad 2 and the Prime in two shelves. Put it simply, the tablets are respectively with iOS 5 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating systems. But it is here the real war takes place. Winner of the iOS 5 Vs Android 4 ICS battle is also winner of the iPad 2 and the Prime.

    Camera: Does a camera on a tablet make much sense? Whatever the answer is, the Prime has the best rear camera. When the Prime features an 8-megapixel rear camera for high quality images and HD videos, the iPad 2 just has a 720p small camera. The Prime again wins when we talk about the video calling camera (front camera), which is doubtlessly a must for a tablet. It has a 1.3-megapixel camera in place of iPad 2’s VGA camera.

    What do you think of the ultimate winner of the above comparison? You can simply say that it is the Eee Pad Transformer Prime. But how long it can remain a winner? This is the biggest question when we compare the Prime with iPad 2, which is about to get an upgrade, of course, an iPad 3 in some months. Apple will never hesitate to bring out a highly powerful competitor to the Prime and all other upcoming ICS tablets. So let us wait to see what a competition the next iPad 3 will emanate.


    1. This is not news. Obviously the Ipad 2 is obsolete it doesn’t even come close to the specs of the Prime. People like you really need to stop making articles comparing the Ipad to everything out there. There are actually those of us who aren’t even considering an apple product, and really it’s irrelevant. It gets annoying when one googles tablet and a million Ipad articles show up.

    2. Never. It’s been out of stock since it released in Dec. 2011. It’s funny, though. You’ll read dozens upon dozens of articles stating that iPads are sold out everywhere, but when an Android device has a similar story, there’s not a hint nor whisper.

    3. Everything seems to be about timing today. Asus is the king of the hill on paper and the Prime is nowhere and to be found on shelves so by the time it does become available the Ipad will be announced and ready for pre-order. Then and only then will the Prime and the iPad 3 go head to head and this will paint a whole new story. Asus might have just jumped the gun to find themselves behind as always has been the case in the tablet market.

    4. Have the prime 64GB with the keyboard…love it. Looks like the ICS upgrade..which I like..has broken the HDMI port now doesnt work as it did with Honeycomb..but hope they will fix it. I order my prime on Amazon on Nov. 22nd with keyboard…tablet came around Jan 3rd and keyboard around the 10th. Otherwise its great.

    5. First, I have an ASUS Transformer Prime, and have had it for almost a month now — they definitely exist and are in the field. I love it, and would never trade it for an iPad.

      Second, there have been numerous stories about it being largely out of stock, across numerous news sites, both technology-specific and general news, contrary to josh’s comment.

      Third, it is definitely in stock now, in multiple places. I read an article today stating that it is now in stock at Amazon, contrary to Carolyn Woods’, anon’s, and david’s comments.

    6. Definitely getting the ASUS, will easily beat anything the ipad3 has let alone the past-it ipad2. However, I’m also definitely waiting to get the upcoming HD version of the prime. With that kind of screen resolution it’ll be simply perfect.

    7. Prime beats iPad by a mile in my opinion, way better cameras, higher res screen and the keyboard dock gives it that extra edge. Although news of the new HD version makes my think that it might be worth waiting for that instead of getting one now.

    8. I have to agree that there are those of us who would NOT even consider anything Apple. Aren’t they embarrassed sueing everyone? Jeolous of the competition for sure & personally I’m just tired of their whining. By the way, my asus transformer prime is on the way & I’m sure it is worth th wait.

    9. For anyone looking for Primes, has had them in stock for weeks. I bought one the was defective and returned it,just received my replacement. I don’t know why everyone is scrambling to find them, office depot comes up first in the google search for the prime. 499 and the 32gb is yours, mine was even the champagne color!

    10. apple products are a complete rip off and support child labor if you wanna talk about crapintosh low quality sub standard parts assembled by underpaid child labor
      at least tell the truth mac slogan
      make a computer an idiot can use and only an idiot will use it
      transformer 1 is more in line with ipad 2 still fails its not linux
      which is clear and total failure. real tech users hate mac
      only time icrap is worth it is if you jail break it but that is messed up you cant pay who you should the little guys writing good stuff
      you cant custom rom icrap either soooo lame

    11. Wow. Abdul is singing a new tune compared to his last article about the Transformer Prime. He must have actually used one this time. Google “Asus Transformer Prime: Four major drawbacks” if you want a laugh.

      I have my prime and love it. I was never considering an Apple product either. Those of you trying to find one, use for assistance.

    12. I want the transformer prime with windows 8. I think both the ipad os and android are pretty aweful. Limited features for sure. I want to be able to run a full os like windows.

    13. IPAD has more apps. Wait I am traveling and don’t have a charger left it at home or it broke. I can get one anywhere even a vending machine. if you like waiting on apps get an android. I could give a rats a$$ about a camera on a pad except for maybe skype. I just want a solid pad to come out and for those of you that wasted your money today I will buy your outdated pos later when the value drops 200 bucks even with a keyboard. I have an android tab and a ipad 2 both rooted and jailbroken and while android is still the little brother in the game it’s just not ready yet. Sorry I like the ability to but thigs that reatain there value and there isn’t a newer one out for a year or two. IPAD still wins in my opinion so what a game that splashes water on the screen and has quad cores with a limited app market. Android is getting there but has a long way to go.

    14. iPad doesn’t have a quadcore, that remains to be a fact but it does not perform any tasks with hiccups, that is a fact too. To me the only advantage of ATP is the beautifully designed keyboard. While iOS remains a top mobile OS and Appstore has a lot more quality apps designed specific for ipad than android market.

      3 extra pixels in Camera, 0.4′ of a screen size advantage are not features that will decide between the two. The good thing about this war, ATP being a new kid on the block with high end specs will push Cupertino to the limit to come up with something more magical. I just love competition!

    15. These articles comparing just the specs are missing the point. Specs alone don’t make the device. Tell us about battery life. Tell us about integration with iCloud or Google Music. The usability is more important than the specs. There is no question that Android devices will always be better on specs in the long run. There are so many more manufacturers of devices. Even if the ipad3 comes out and is better than any other pad on the market, it will only months before another manufacturer comes out with something better.

      User experience is more important than specs. I happen to like Android for its customizable features. However, there are apps I’d like to have that I can’t get because they are only on the iOS.

      Don’t tell me all about the quad core vs. dual core processor. What I car about is what that extra horsepower means for the user experience.

    16. I’ve had the Transformer Prime for a couple weekss and love it. It’s definitely the best tablet in the market.

      I was able to get one from local Best Buy store.

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