Asus Transformer Prime Vs Apple iPad 2: Comparison


    Can Asus Transformer Prime be Apple iPad 2 killer? No one is sure. But going by its specs and users reviews’ it seems to be the best tablet available in the market right now.

    Asus Eee Pad Transformer continues to create ripples on the web. The new Asus tablet has immensely attracted media attention as it is the first tablet to sport NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor. The second generation iPad from Apple is one of big competitors of the Prime. The iPad 2 is currently the world leader in tablet market with its complete domination.

    Tablets like Eee Pad Transformer Prime can really dent the supremacy of iPad 2. Here we take the best tablets on Android and iOS for a detailed comparison. Every aspect of the tablets will come under comparison below.

    We start the comparison checking the processing performance of the two tablets. It is because the Prime has made reputation being the first tablet to feature the fastest processor in the world. The Prime is powered by a 1.4GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor and 1GB of RAM. The second generation iPad tablet, meanwhile, runs on 1GHz dual core Apple A4 processor and 512MB of RAM. The difference is simply clear.

    The Asus tablet beats its Apple rival with a quad core processor that performs five times better than a dual core processor.

    Display screen
    The Prime is rightly a great successor to the 10.1-inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer. The new tablet keeps up the same 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The 150ppi display is made of Super IPS+ technology, ensuring brilliant performance. On the other hand, the new version of Apple iPad features a 9.7-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 132 ppi.

    When it comes to camera, the iPad 2 is an underdog. The device just has a 0.92-megapixel HD camera in the rear panel and a VGA front camera. Apple has not given much importance to a high quality camera on its iPad 2 tablet. But, Asus has built its Transformer Prime tablet with an advanced 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front camera for video calls. Well, you can take better quality HD videos and stills be using the Prime tablet.

    Operating System
    No one needs to be told which operating system runs iPad 2. Certainly, it is iOS 5, the latest version of Apple’s famous mobile OS. The iOS 5 has brought on multitouch gesture and iCloud cloud computing features on iPad 2. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime currently doesn’t have the latest version of Google Android. But it is going th get the update within a week. The Prime plays on Android 3.2 Honeycomb and it will get updated with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich mid January 2012. The ICS will introduce many interesting features on the Prime.

    Battery life
    The Asus tablet slightly beats iPad in battery life. When the Prime guarantees 12 hours of battery life for video playback, the iPad 2 gets only 10 hours of surfing web on Wi-Fi.

    ASUS’ Transformer Prime comes at a price tag of $499 for a 32GB model and $599 for a 64GB model. To buy the keyboard dock, the user needs to shell out an extra $149.

    What others say?
    Will Shanklin of says the Prime is not an iPad killer. It is just a high end Android tablet, which won’t outsell iPad 2 and even Amazon Kindle Fire. He Shanklin further says, “The Prime isn’t an iPad killer, but one gets the impression that Asus knows that. The manufacturer isn’t having delusions of dominating the market; it’s simply focused on building a great tablet for a reasonable price. If you’re determined to buy an Android tablet — and are willing to pay $500+ — then put the Transformer Prime at the top of your list.”

    Of course, Eee Pad Transformer Prime is not an iPad 2 killer. However, lots of features make the Prime a great tablet out in stores. More than everything, it works real fast thanks to the quad core processor. Once the Prime gets Ice Cream Sandwich update, it will be one of the best tablets we ever have. Surely, it will be the best Android tablet ever displacing Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the position.


    1. You didn’t make much effort to do Apples to apples price comparison. When I compared with comparable storage, the difference in base price almost buys the keyboard accessory.

      $500 Prime with 32GB
      $600 iPad2 with 32GB
      $650 Prime with 32GB plus keyboard with extra battery and more ports

      You also get twice as much DRAM, better cameras, better display, and at least double the effective CPU horsepower. Note however that the iPad holds the edge in GPU performance with the PowerVR SGX chipset, which is extremely potent.

      Build quality is reported as comparable, with Apple holding a significant edge in polish and device maturity.

      The Prime is definitely an iPad killer among those of us who A) don’t wish to enter the Apple walled-garden, or B) wish to use the device as a low-end ultrabook replacement.

    2. You got the pricing wrong. The Asus TF201 is priced at $500 for the 32gb tablet only, and $150 for the keyboard dock.

    3. Begins with “can Asus Transformer Prime be Apple iPad 2 killer? No one is sure.”

      Ends with “Of course, Eee Pad Transformer Prime is not an iPad 2 killer.”

      Do you think when you write?

    4. Hahahaha…

      The Admin removed my first post when i mentioned the Pricing error in the comparison.

      Now theyre not even mentioning the Ipad2’s prices because anyone with a sense of logic will see that buying an Ipad 2 is like knowingly allowing themselves to be *&$@ by Apple.

      One big reason why the Prime will not outsell the Ipad is Asus’ lack of advertisement. Only people who are smart enough to do research will discover the Prime.

    5. ipad2 will always be king. usability is what matters in the end. Even asus say their devices aren’t meant for some applications (“nobody is going to use it as a map device”). utter nonsense. Sure you guys can compare the tech specs all you want, but at the end of the day, the mileage is shocking. Also, you get way more than 10 hours of web surfing on the ipad2, so not sure what’s up there.

    6. I want an Ipad.
      But the Prime is faster, more memory, better camera and and and…
      It’s not an Ipad.
      What’s so great about the Ipad?
      It’s made by Apple – It’s an Ipad – It’s the target to shoot for.

      Here’s a new tablet. 64 CPUs, 1TB memory, 360 camera –
      Is it made by Apple?
      [oh just shoot me]

    7. Got the ipad 2 for christmas. Until now the only applie device i ever had was a 8 gig nano.. I’ve been trying to set this thing up since christmas. EVERYTHING is a huge learning curve and time investment that I’m just not willing to make …ie. trying to figure out where the “select all” is in mail so I can delet all my spam, only to find out theres no such functionality, visited links don’t change in safari, cant print without special setup/printer…the list goes on and on. I’ve had it with this thing. It’s going back tomorrow and I’m getting the Asus Transformer. If it’s Android operating system is even remotely as user friendly as my android operating system on my smartphone, I’ll be a happy camper….GOODBYE IPAD 2!!! I’m not the least bit impressed with you!!

    8. your comparing an almost 1 year old tablet to one just hitting the market. the ipad 3 is due out in the next few months, and definitely will be able to at least compete with this prime. knowing apple, they already have the better gpu, so the next upgrade will seal the books on all other new tablets. and im 90% sure there going to put a quad core in it. just so they can keep the tegra 3 people from being on there backs a full year. or, there going to go the steve jobs route and say its strong enough with what its got. lets focus on everything weak. they might bump the ram up to 1g to help with multi tasking. but this comparison between the ipad 2 and the asus prime isn’t fair. because the ipad is about to be upgraded.

    9. I have my Prime and choosing over iPad 2 was a no-brainer. I am sick of hauling my laptop on airlines and worrying about battery life plus many times I’m reviewing documents and don’t need the keyboard. The Prime gives me the most powerful tablet on the market (bar none) and a detachable keyboard that takes up the same travel space as a pad of paper.

      I am a little upset that the GPS only works outside and is slow but realistically I probably will never miss it as I’m more likely to use my Garmin or iPhone (i.e. smartphone) if I need a map function.

      Remember that Apple has a mass market of people who buy the brand name – not the best product. Most could not understand a specification if they read it. It will be the apps and additional functionality that will cause a swing.

    10. The Asus Prime Transformer is about to kick out the new model at the CES next week. No so fast fo the Ipad next generation. The android market and Tablets are coming. I teach Graphics and he specs for the new Asus Tablets will certainly take a lot of the market. I have my order in even though I teach on a MAC

    11. Asus transformer prime maybe is the best tablet in the market right now, but if android market wants to compare with apple iTunes or AppStore they have to do something about it, because apple kill android market whatever powerfull tablet release in the future, So maybe the iPad 2 is not powerful as the Asus prime, but in the end who cares because all the apps is going to make for apple market, so is kind a disappointment that happen but is the way it is, I like both tablets but I prefer iTunes because no matter what is the best on the market…

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