Asus Transformer Prime US release nears: Is it best Android tab?


    Asus Transformer Prime are expected to be the best and most anticipated Android tablet to date and they are slated to hit the markets in the week post-Christmas.

    Those who have pre-ordered a quad-core Tegra 3-powered Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime can now rest assured.

    Asus’ U.S. spokesperson has confirmed that the first batch was already en route to its U.S. partners, with more to come over the next several weeks. This means that early pre-orders reached the pile under the Christmas-tree in time, and more will reach the customers in the week following Christmas. In the statement Asus said that they “started shipment of units to our partners last week and supply will escalate quickly over the next couple of weeks.

    Though a few retailers cancelled some pre orders due to a large influx of demand, some lucky ones got it in time and their Transformer Prime is slated to be delivered this week. Those lucky few who ordered from GameStop are already reporting they already have received their Prime and are spending the Christmas holidays enjoying the new gadget!

    Earlier last week James Kendrick wrote that Amazon was “taking orders for the next shipment of the Transformer Prime but this batch won’t ship until four to seven weeks later, which will be well into 2012.” Till that time the tablets would be available in the local Best Buy or Office Depot and can be tested by the customers in hand and they can experience the quad-core goodness before bringing the tablet-laptop combo home.

    Technocrati further reported that Best Buy is listing a slightly earlier ship date than Amazon (December 30, 2011), but this is also behind Christmas.

    However, the slight delay in the deliveries are being worn well by the eager customers who have loved its form factor and going by all the raving reviews for the Transformer Prime, this sleek and powerful machine seems worth the wait.

    In a recent statement, company chairman Jonney Shih said that Asus will sell 3-6 million tablet PCs in 2012, against 1.8 million in 2011. He was also optimistic about the “long term prospects” of tablet computers in general, especially Asus, which is currently the only tablet with an optional keyboard and battery dock, facilitating the use of a physical keyboard. Asus is hot in the race to patent the detachable keyboard dock, as well as working on a new tablet with an attached physical keyboard.

    The expected launch of Windows 8 in the second half of 2012 is also a matter to boost hopes for the firm. Shih also added that Asus will launch a Windows 8 version of Transformer Prime in 2012. He further confessed to some Wi-Fi signal problems being faced by Transformer Primes , and to handle the complaints the company has already posted a product exchange for those facing the issue on its website.


    1. Well, I am on mine right now using the built in swipe to type this. I have been working impatiently for this thing and it was worth the wait. It is super fast and very thin. My family is enthralled with it. Not sure why Asus does not advertise more. No one has even heard of them. Go get one of these. Ice Cream Sandwich update is coming soon.

    2. To me a company that advertises and then don’t deliver is crap. Preordered back in November 22nd, and Amazon will only ship in February, this is absurd, lack of respect towards the customers. They said Asus is not shipping the quantity to supply the demand, and this is a very poor attitude towards the customers. No more Asus for me, will cancel the order and wait for the new Samsung tablet or Ipad 3 coming out in March.

    3. Typing from my prime now. Way better than the ipad 2. Apple treats its customers like sheep. Android is a much deeper/more customizable os.

    4. Not sure where your “release date nears” info is coming from. I’ve had mine for about 5 days.

      It is a terrific tablet, very thin, very fast. I think ICS will make some things in the UI slightly better, but overall I have no complaints.

      I’m not sure why many tech writers say that there are only a few hundred tablet apps. All the apps I have installed on my phone also work on this tablet, and some work better.

      This is the only non-Nexus Android device that I have ever owned, and it’s as close to “pure Vanilla” Android as possible.

      Asus rules.

    5. Patricia, I guess its OK that Apple makes their Sheep wait all the time?!?! Production problems happen all the time, with many devices. Asus has been around a long time, and have been very good to their customers. Quit bashing, just because you are IMPATIENT!!

    6. Ordered my TFP from a buddy’s computer shop in November. Got it yesterday and hell yess. It makes the Ipad2 look like a child’s toy. In fact, my 3year old daughter has been using it the most.

      Wait for the prime, it’s truly worth it. nearly 2x the product for the same price as leading tablets in the market. You cant go wrong.

    7. hey chris and joe, where did u guys buy it from, i am looking at all these websites and i cant find the 64GB that is available to buy, please help guys 🙂

    8. Jane, I think I read the 64GB Prime’s are scarce if they are out at all. I just got my Prime yesterday from Tiger Direct USA and my keyboard arrived today from J&R Electronics. Realize all this was pre-ordered around Black Friday. I concur with the group, after syncing with Google many of my apps and all contacts appeared on my Prime. It was easy to set up and I haven’t even read any documentation. The keyboard is slick and makes it seem like an Android notebook. One issue I notice is when the unit is powered up their seems to be some white washout up on the top right side of the screen. Once the screen changes and it’s on it’s not noticeable. Is this normal, anyone?

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