ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T vs Apple iPad 2: tablet war intensifies


    ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T and Apple iPad 2 are both great tablets. Meanwhile ASUS has taken tablet war to next level with the introduction of ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T.

    Taiwanese tech giant ASUS has launched an upgrade to its just released tablet ASUS Transformer Prime. ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T is again going to thrill Android fans who have been more than happy with the Transformer Prime.

    There were some minor issues with Transformer Prime, though sorted out, Asus going by its reputation of producing impeccable products, has introduced a better tablet than the unbeatable Transformer Prime.

    Showcased at the CES 2012, Transformer Prime TF700T may take around four to five months in the market launch. But the interest is going to be sky high among Android fans who were thrilled by the existing Transformer Prime.

    iPad 2 on the other hand remains the highest selling tablet computer. Within days when Apple will release the sales figures for the month of December, there will certainly be a big upsurge in sales figures of iPad 2. The demand for the tablet from Cupertino based tech giant has in fact never come down. It is going up and up.

    Apple’s iPad has transformed the world and the way we used to treat the computing devices. Apple iPad almost single-handedly re-shaped people’s expectations on how they wish to use and receive content. Not a single product has made so much difference in the tech world in the last couple of years as iPad tablet that was introduced by Apple close to two years ago.

    For a very long time, the Apple tablet remained without a real competitor in the market that may be half as good as Apple’s iPad. Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook and host of other tablets from big and small tech companies were beaten and many of them went out of market pretty soon.

    But Asus has shattered the aura of invincibility of Apple’s iPad with its latest offering Transformer Prime. With the Transformer Prime TF700T, its product will be a notch higher than even the Prime.

    To be true, ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T will be a big competitor to Apple’s forthcoming tablet iPad 3 that should be in the market within a couple of months. ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T comes with a 10.1-inch Super IPS + LCD Gorilla Glass display with 1920 x 1200 screen resolution. The forthcoming tablet from Asus comes loaded with Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU. It has 1 GB RAM.

    It sports a rear-facing 8 megapixel LED flash camera with 1080p video playback and a secondary 2 megapixel front-facing camera. Transformer Prime TF700T optimizes Google Inc.’s latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The Asus tablet has a 25 Wh battery, compared to the predecessor’s 22 Wh.

    When it comes to display, Transformer Prime TF700T possesses 10.1-inch high-definition Super IPS + LCD capacitive display. It is made even better with Gorilla glass. This provides the tablet great protection against fall or some possible mishandling. Cupertino based Apple’s iPad 2 comes with a great 9.7-inch 1024×768 LED-backlit display. Right now it doesn’t has retina display, but it is expected that its forthcoming version will certainly have it.iPad 2’s indoor performance is great and colours are truly vivid for gaming, photos and videos. Transformer Prime TF700T comes with resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels at 224 pixels per inch while iPad 2 comes with 1024 x 768 pixels display.

    When it comes to memory, ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T comes with 1GB of RAM compared with 512 MB of RAM for iPad 2. When it comes to storage capacity Transformer Prime TF700T comes in 32 and 64 GB versions, while iPad 2 comes in three versions including 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB options. Transformer Prime TF700T also has an option of microSD card that can give it an extra 32GB storage capacity.

    When it comes to OS, both the tablets come with extremely helpful OS. Apple iPad 2 tablet comes with Apple’s very successful iOS 5 operating system while the new tablet from ASUS will come loaded with Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich.

    When it comes to processor ASUS Transformer Prime comes loaded with the best in the market processor Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A9. Meanwhile in iPad 2 great improvement comes with the new dual core 1GHz Apple A5 processor, replacing the A4 by offering twice the power. A reviewer while praising the new iPad 2 processor says, “Such is the speed of response when you touch the screen that you’ll think ‘did I even touch that yet?’ It almost pre-empts your commands”.

    But Apple iPad 2’s A5 processor cannot match Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU that comes loaded in the forthcoming edition of Transformer Prime.

    When it comes to camera ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T is again a clear winner. Apple tablet cannot match the flawless 8 mega pixel camera that comes loaded with ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T. ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T’s 8 MP camera with top features including 3264×2448 pixels, LED flash is way better than anything that Apple’s iPad 2 may offer to its users. The rear-facing iPad 2 camera is just passable, offering decent snaps in condition that cannot be called decent. Most of the time pictures come with drab colours and limited detail the rest of the time. About its VGA video camera, the less said the better. Both the tablets are equipped with almost similar batteries.

    JR Raphael while writing in Computerworld says, “If you rely on your tablet for navigation or other GPS-intensive tasks, you may want to consider the new TF700T model (or another tablet) over the original Transformer Prime device. If the extra-high-res display strikes your fancy and you’re willing to pay the premium for it, the TF700T might be right for you”.


    1. The Transformer prime was suppose to be released on Dec. 19, 2011, then delayed to Jan 12, 2010 and it is still not available. This is NOT good for their reputation at all.

    2. Well if the Asus Transformer Prime tf101 and tf201 both beat the ipad to i’m sure the tf700 did aswell.

    3. The ASUS Transformer Prime tf201 is still vapor ware as far as I am concerned. If I can’t get one in my hands – does it really exist – let alone the tf700t.

    4. 1stkorean: The transformer prime was released on Dec. 19th as scheduled. There was no delay until Jan. 12th.

      Paul: This post is written on a transformer prime, purchased from Office Depot on Dec. 30th and received last Monday (Jan. 9th) – updated to ICS the same day that I received it.

      I love my TF201. It’s been a joy to use over the past week.

    5. Actually, the first Transformer Prime is already released to the public but plenty were recalled for it’s GPS Signal issue which is the reason why Asus decided to quickly announce the Transformer Prime 700 series. Those customers who bought the Transformer Prime are now stuck with an Eee Pad with a GPS problem.

    6. Guys all gorgeous girls are hard to get !

      That is very much the case with Asus Transformer as well….

    7. I ordered a Transformer Prime 201 from Best Buy Oct. 25., for a gift.
      It is still not available??? I cancelled my order.
      Looks like the TF700T will correct some of the issues with alum case that decreases the ability to receive GPS and WIFI signals.
      Don’t know if I will ever buy anything from “Best Buy” again. They still do not have a clue when it will be available.

    8. I don’t think the TP has been altogether a positive for ASUS so far. You might think they may incur a class action lawsuit over it, judging from the negative comments of some customers.

    9. How can you state that the transformer prime has been well received when very few have even received it? Get real.

    10. I’m making this post w the Prime… just don’t be lazy. If you pre-ordered it, you got it.

    11. I’m ready to pass on my 2011 pre-order. by the time i get it, the ipad 3 will be out. software vs. hardware ??? besides, i hear the ipad 3 comes with a new A6 processor.

    12. Before I get started, you should know that I despise Apple Corp and their policies. However, I have been an IPAD user for over a year and have become addicted to the tablet lifestyle. I could not wait for a good  Android tablet that had ICS so I could move away from the Ipad. My phone is a droid bionic.
      I ordered my Asus Transformer Prime in Mid-December and have been anxious ever since. Today I was called … It’s in!!  I picked it up around 12:30 PM and by 3PM I was returning it. I had heard so much about inferior wifi performance I decided to test it immediately to see if it was acceptable to me.  I put the Prime next to my original ipad and ran on both. I use my tablet in bed often and the router is in my office about 70 feet away and through a few walls.  The Ipad never had a problem.  So here it is … the ipad was able to do 19meg/5 meg (down/up) and the prime did 1.4 meg/and .5 meg.  Loading web pages was just plain painful..  Even standing right next to the router, the prime performed worse that the Ipad from 70 feet away.
      So back to the store it went and I will wait for something better … maybe the ipad3, who knows.  Bob

    13. Ordered the Prime (TF201) from Best Buy on 01/07/2012. Just received it today. They were available for several days over that weekend.

    14. There’s a huge difference between the Asus Transformer Prime and the iPad2……You can find and purchase an iPad2

    15. Get real! Who cares to compare the Prime to iPad 2 when the iPad 3 should be coming out soon. That’s the time to give the comparisons. When this happens I will decide to buy.

    16. I tried an ASUS Transformer TF201 today and after a few hours returned it. I use my iPad 2 (connected at 5 GHz) 54 feet from my router without issue. A speed test shows me getting a 14.98 Down & 2.99 Up on the iPad while the Transformer Prime (connected at 2.4 GHz) is sitting at 1.19 Down & 0.83 Up. In fact the speeds sucked until I got about 10 feet from the router.

      The TF201 Transformer Prime soft rebooted on me twice already and I had to do a hard reboot when it froze. It may have better glass, camera, processor, etc than my iPad 2 but at least I can use the iPad.

      IMO Asus tried to beat Apple’s iPad 2 but in reality it doesn’t even meet it. I’ll take useability (iPad 2) any day over an over-sized drink coaster (TF201).

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