Asteroid hitting earth: No, it will miss the Earth, shows a NASA video


    Asteroid will not be hitting the earth and will miss it by a wide margin of 17000 miles. A NASA video shows the asteroid on its mission to pass by earth

    A huge asteroid is all set to past through the earth soon. Though it wouldn’t really hit the earth hard, or even touch it, the thought of such a huge asteroid passing by has scared many people around the world. Experts from NASA say that this is the first time that such a big asteroid will be passing through Earth so closely.

    The asteroid being called object 2012 DA 14 by scientists across the word including NASA is fast approaching the Earth as it is travelling at a breakneck speed. Though the object 2012 DA 14 will miss the Earth by a wide margin –as much as 17,000 miles –scientists are saying that this is the first time in the known history of the world and asteroid that such a huge object is set to travel so close to Earth.

    But to be true, the asteroid was not discovered suddenly, it was found out and its movements tracked since mid last year and so far scientists have kept a close watch over it and its fast movement towards earth. A top official at Planet Center at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center Timothy Spahr while providing details about the asteroid said that object 2012 DA 14 was discovered in the year 2012 by a team using a Spanish telescope to track near-Earth objects that could pose a threat to satellites.

    A senior NASA affiliate official Donald Yeomans says, “It is a record close approach for an asteroid of this size”. Donald Yeomans is the manager of the Near Earth Objects Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena near Los Angeles. A report says that around an asteroid of this diameter — estimated to be about 150 feet — gets this close every 40 years or so. Though he says that in some cases there were chances of collision, but a collision would be expected every 1,200 years.

    In the meantime, another reliable report from scientists in USA says that asteroids like this one take a little less than a year to complete an orbit. Since the asteroid’s round trip takes a similar—but not exactly the same—amount of time it takes for the Earth to make its way around the sun, that means that the objects often won’t be seen for a long time. But don’t worry, scientists are keeping a close watch on it and human beings are not threatened by it.