BY | March 22, 2013

We might have become technologically very sound and claim that we are capable of protecting our dear planet Earth but we would like to tell you something here, the TRUTH. And the truth is that humans have no capacity to stop an asteroid on a collision course with the planet without a few years warning. This was stated by scientists.

Former astronaut Ed Lu said, “Right now we have no options. If you don’t know where they are, there’s nothing you can do.”

We have satellites and observation programs that keep an eye on ‘near Earth objects’, along with some observation programs. Scientists have called for continued funding for these aids that we have to ensure safety of our planet.

Whenever we think about asteroids possibly colliding with the Earth, we think of the movie Armageddon, but hey, it was a movie and we all should keep that in mind that there will be no hero coming in to save the Earth.

About 1,000 people had got injured when the asteroids had collided over Russia. What this movie reminded our experts was the shortcomings the system has and just bought them into clearer focus.

Ted Cruz, R-Texas, during the hearing to the senate panel said, “I was disappointed that Bruce Willis was not available to be a fifth witness on the panel.”

Scientists stated that once in every few thousand years, asteroids one kilometer in diameter or larger colliding with the earth is possible and in this scenario cuts in space funding to monitor and detect space rocks can bring in some dire consequences.

Joan Johnson-Freese, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College said, “What the film Armageddon did was basically convince the American people that if anything bad happened, people would get in a shuttle and fix it. That is myth. That is not reality.” And we told you that already.

There is no way of stopping the debris and asteroids from coming towards the Earth. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida, could not resist asking the big question that what would happen if an asteroid is about a kilometer in diameter and it hits the Earth.

Lu to this said that if this happens then the entire civilization can end. Chills running down my spine already.

Scientists however state that if we get to know about this possibility decades in advance then something can be done to keep off the destruction but that too to some level and not entirely. They said that American astronauts currently do have the capacity to destroy or make small changes to the trajectory of flying space objects to keep them from hitting earth. But detection requires investment, they said.

James Green, NASA’s planetary science director said that we need to know the priority and this is an important decade to study the necessary steps that will contribute to potential mitigation concepts.

Lu estimates that there are 30 per cent chances that small asteroids might hit some area of the Earth and the impact created will be of five megaton. The causality will depend on the area of population.


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