BY | March 22, 2013

Is a catastrophe going to happen to the Earth? Nobody is sure but NASA has asked people to pray as it has said that a menacing asteroid heading towards earth may hit New York City, the business nerve of not just the United States, but the whole world.

NASA has said that the asteroid cannot be stopped from hitting the earth though there are possibilities that it can change its own course over the time and avoid hitting the earth. NASA has said that the asteroid’s impact may be worse than that of the meteorite that hit Russian Urals and Kazakhstan where thousands of people received injuries and many houses and office blocks suffered  widespread destruction. The area is not as densely populated as New York City or its suburbs and if it really happens, it may have severe repercussions not just for the people in the area but across the USA and even beyond.

This is a scenario that is very difficult to envisage and NASA and other agencies are working relentlessly to know more about it in more detail. But during a hearing NASA looked pessimistic about this whole affair and said that people should start praying so that it can be avoided. As per Donald Yeomans, NASA’s manager of Near-Earth Object Program Office, it might be lucky that we have three weeks for preparing to shield the asteroid. The U.S. and the rest of the world don’t have any facility to prevent direct hits of small meteors on earth, he added. He has further added that NASA has little early warning system in place to identify such asteroids. The U.S. space agency is hugely held up with the groundwork for finding a good solution to deal with the rushing asteroid.

There are more details emerging as to how to deal with it. It would be better to use a space-centric infrared telescope to detect such meteors, comments Yeomans. According to the NASA manager, it has two key benefits; first, the sun wouldn’t block detection of the alien objects and secondly its infrared nature is more effective. It is reported that Russia failed to give warning about the meteor fall as the sun blinded satellites. In fact, as per Michio Kaku, a CBS News contributor and physics professor use of such a telescope would be a “no brainer” in the task to find meteors. Whatever it is, the approaching asteroid is a big threat for the U.S. and many other parts of the world. The U.S. government has started to take very quick and immediate steps to avoid the fall of such a large alien object on the planet. Many specialists are optimistic that it wouldn’t hit the earth as it is in the sky. Passing though the atmosphere, it may lose its fire. But, there are many astronauts, who fear it would create a huge crash over the city of New York.

The asteroid is huge and not very small as we would have expected it to be. “An object larger than one kilometer, which would cause a global problem — we’ve found 95 percent of them already and none of them represent a problem in the next 100 years,” says Yeomans. It is said that a hit from such a fast-moving asteroid would have an impact of thousands of nuclear bombs exploding up at a time, he addedd. “Civilization would survive probably, but not in the form that we know it.” It is quite impossible for the U.S. and NASA to avert such asteroids. During the hearing at the House Committee, Gen. William Shelton, commander of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, has openly admitted that the country had no idea what to do if the meteor would hit New York like the one in Russia. Form fast experiences, we are sure that effect of asteroids is less on the planet earth. There might have been some massive falls in the pre-historic period. But to be true, not much info is available on the topic.

Others too have been very serious in their analysis of the development in regard to Asteroid. “The odds of a near-Earth object strike causing massive casualties and destruction of infrastructure are very small,” says John Holdren, senior adviser to President Barrack Obama on science and tech. “But the potential consequences of such an event are so large that it makes sense to take the risk seriously, he added, admitting the chance for huge threat to humankind in effect of the asteroid fall. In the past, asteroids hardly crashed to the earth on a regular basis. Now, maybe because of the climate change, everything has changed in nature. A new asteroid called Apophis is to dangle another huge threat in 2029. It is around 1,000 feet wide and it can wipe the entire world if it hits the planet. But that is a long time from now and we have to avoid the one just preparing to hit the world.


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    fools .it will be done before that .before 2016 .we are destroying our planet.god will send its angels to cleanse mother earth ,he is slowly opening his eye

  • julie

    don’t understand we send men to the moon and all research but we can’t do anything to avoid this plus the fact that billions are spent through nasa what about the people here on earth homeless, poor etc shame on us the smartest country in the world I pray for all of us !

  • Rayan

    Since when did they (NASA Scientists) started believing in God and Prayer? LOL.

  • Vanessa

    I guess NASA woke up toooooo late!

  • guy

    Now that’s what I call sensationalism

  • Christo Chiramukhathu

    There’ll be a moment that every atheist scientist or scholar would be helpless, cry out to God “Oh, God, Almighty, help me…!”. This is one such instance..

    You Americans, once your forefathers were adent believers worshipers of God. So God made you the most powerful on the earth, giving authority of over rest of nationals. It’s not any of your merit, but gift of God for you acceted the Gospel of Lord Jesus. But now your young generations are deviating from God. You have time to go for night clubs, but no time to go to church. Faith in God is being washed away from you due to the materialistic influence..Also, many of you are going behind false relgions, false-prophets and and cults. It’s time for you to repent and turn to Lord Jesus, as your forefathers did. Then He’ll bless you as He lifted you prominents on earth.
    What can the great scientists and scholars do in such incidents? What can rulers do? Nothing…!! All you’re helpless and useless when such perils comes. Only God can do and interfere in such incidents and avoid perils…!

    These are God’s warning to all earthly humans., who’re forgetting God, and following teachings of false prophets! Also warning to those who worship ‘Stars’and rely on devilish fake-sciences like ‘astrology’. God is the only controller of such natural forces including meteores..!!

    Bible says before the second appearance of Lord Jesus, such signs of meteores will happen. (Bible, Luke 21: 11)…And there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be TERRORS AND GREAT SIGNS FROM SPACE (SKY). Incidents related to space will frighten the people. So get ready for the appearance of Lord Jesus’ second coming. Repent and believe in Lord Jesus, forsaking all sinful ways like polytheism, idolatry, astrology, sexual crimes etc. May God bess us all. Amen.

  • laoslay2

    Shut the fuck up Christo, no one cares.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Gee that’s funny when I go to NASA’s website there isn’t a word about this. Also the very idea NASA would ask people to pray is beyond laughable, it’s an insult.

  • planet Goon

    Yes. Shut THE FUCK UP Christo with the pea-sized human created
    ‘man-love’ sexist religion given the incomprehensible universe we’re all
    dealing with from birth to death in our small tiny insignificant lives.

  • planet Goon

    Yes. Shut THE FUCK UP Christo with the pea-sized human created ‘man-love’ sexist religion given the incomprehensible universe we’re all dealing with from birth to death in our small tiny insignificant lives.

  • hostage707

    is this tongue in cheek or for real ? What is the name of the object ? where is the JPL java orbit plotting tool ?

  • Lee Geiger

    I think that Christo is right, we are looking at the beginning of Revelation, the end of the world as we know it, God only wants us to love Him & to follow His rules. But if we wish to think that He does not exist, neither will we. The bible tells us of this warning, and the devistation is following. Even a blind man can see these changes.

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    Amen. Its so true. @ laoslay2 dont worry GOD LOVES YOU.