Ariel Castro daughter Jocelyn Berry was like pet for him: Amanda Berry 911 call got him


    Ariel Castro daughter Jocelyn Berry was treated like pet by this beast. Her mother Amanda Berry’s 911 call got him. Will the child ever be able to recover?

    Ariel Castro knew the time when he met his two brothers in police custody as to why he was arrested and told his puzzled brothers who were also arrested as accomplices in his crime that he will never be able to meet them again. The two never really knew anything about his kidnappings and keeping the three girls as sex slaves. One of the girls who was kidnapped by him and kept as a sex slave was the daughter of one of the brothers’ friends and this beast used to go and search for her as if he was concerned about her and wanted to find her despite holding the kid in his backyards.

    The brothers have been released since then and in an interview on CNN said that they would have turned their brother in if they had slightest idea about him of being responsible for kidnappings. One of the brothers said that at times he saw a small girl of 5-6 years with him and whenever he asked as to who she was, he told him that it was his girlfriend’s daughter. There were reports that he treated the kid as a pet instead of like his own daughter.


    Meanwhile a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder expert, Steve Ornstein says “Just because Ariel Castro took Jocelyn out to McDonalds on occasion does not mean he treated her well. He treated her like a pet — giving her the occasional treat and sometimes taking her places with him. But most of time lets not forget this young girl was kept locked up in a dirty house, most likely in one bedroom, with no windows open. Young kids are easier to control than older ones. Ariel is a controlling person and he wanted control of these women, including his daughter. He could better control Jocelyn by taking her out to breakfast, giving her candy, making her feel special”.

    In the meantime DNA results have proved beyond doubt that the six-year old girl rescued from the house of Cleveland has revealed that Ariel Castro, the main suspect in the kidnapping and decade-long imprisonment of three women in Cleveland, has fathered the child. Making the revelation, the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said that Castro’s DNA did not match other unsolved Ohio cases and the FBI was still checking Castro’s DNA against unsolved cases elsewhere in the country. The main accused, Castro, 52, has been charged on four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape in the abductions and decade long imprisonment of the three women. He is presently is being held on an $8 million bond.

    This was one of the worst cases of sex slavery in the US. It may be recalled that in the incident that created waves across the globe, three women who were kidnapped and believed to be long dead by their family members for almost 10 years, were found in a busy neighborhood in Cleveland. Amanda Berry, who managed to get out of a broken door with the help of a neighbor, called up 911 and told them about the other two captives, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight at the house.  Out of the three rescued women, two were teenagers at the time of their abduction. The owner of the house and main accused in the case Ariel Castro was a school bus driver who was fired from his job last fall. Castro lured each woman into his car by offering lift— Knight in 2002, at age 21; Berry in 2003, and DeJesus in 2004, at 13. Apart from the three women, a six-year old girl was also found in the house. Berry, the mother of the six year old girl, managed to get her out during her long awaited escape.

    Even the people who used to come to his house had no idea as to what was going on inside, behind curtains. The investigations conducted by the police have unfolded a series of gory incidents of innumerable rapes, beatings and abuses rendered upon the captives by the main accused and owner of the house, Castro. According to the police reports, the baby was delivered in an inflatable kiddie pool by another captive, Michelle Knight, the eldest of the kidnapped women. During the investigations Knight revealed that Castro had threatened to kill her if the baby died.  The longest held captive also said that Castro had impregnated her at least five times. To force a miscarriage, Castro often starved and repeatedly hit her in the stomach to force her to miscarry.  An Ohio prosecutor would be pursuing the charges of aggravated murder against Castro for any pregnancies that he terminated.

    The man at times took the small six year girl outside. It was revealed by the captives that Castro would often take the child out with him but made sure the girl did not know Knight’s or DeJesus’ real name in case she said them in public and raised any suspicion. The three women were held in the home’s basement for long periods, restrained with ropes and chains and occasionally starved. Initially the victims were kept apart from each other in the house until Castro believed that they were totally under his control and allowed them to mingle. During their decade long captivity, the women managed to leave the confines of the house just twice, on both occasions to go into a garage on the small lot while disguised in wigs and hats.

    In the meantime Castro’s grown up daughter Gregg says she feels humiliated for her father’s crime. Stating that her father is dead for her and nothing more than a memory, Gregg maintained that during her visits to Castro, she did not notice anything suspicious. Though he played loud music but kept the basement locked and would not allow her upstairs. For a daughter this must have been the worst news from her father’s side.