BY | April 5, 2014

Scientists suggest that the lives of polar bears may be affected if Arctic Sea ice shrinking continues. It was 5th lowest on record.



It is no longer a secret that Arctic ice is not expanding as much as it should during winters. To be true, this winter the Arctic Ice expanded but to its fifth lowest winter maximum.



On the other hand it has now been estimated that from the year 1979 to this year there has been a marked decline of 2.6% per decade compared to the 1981 to 2010 average of Arctic ice.

Antarctic flood


There is no denying the fact that scientists and oceanography experts have been saying that climate change has affected the trend of winter icing in Arctic Sea. Sometimes ago people actually laughed at it.



But now it seems that the impact has been substantial and that over the years its affect has become visible to even naked eyes.



Now the latest report that has been compiled by National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), on this March 21, the Arctic sea was on the highest point from the angle of seasonal maximum. The report goes on to add that at the maximum its ice mass extended to 14.91 million square kilometers. National Snow and Ice Data Center finally concludes that this is among the lowest, if not actually the lowest of ice mass.



Scientists say that they are particularly concerned with Arctic sea ice as it is behind the life of polar bear in the area. If it continues shrinking, the life of polar bears will be affected in the long term. The report says that ice reflects sunlight and when it melts ice is replaced by darker ocean that becomes warm when the water absorbs sunlight.


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