Archaeologists unearth 1,300-year-old feasting hall


    London, (IANS) Archaeologists in Britain have unearthed a 1,300-year-old feasting hall of the Anglo-Saxon era in a first major find of its kind in 30 years.

    The hall, where a king and his warriors would have enjoyed epic days-long feasts, has laid just inches underground for 1,300 years, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

    A team from the University of Reading working with villagers and local archaeologists made the exceptional discovery in Lyminge, Kent.

    At 69 feet by 28 feet, the hall would have been an impressive structure with room for at least 60 people.

    Animals bones which were found buried in pits near the edge of the hall signal the many extravagant feasts held there before it was abandoned and later destroyed.

    A piece of gilded horse harness was also found among the foundations which has helped archaeologists date the site to the late sixth or early seventh century, the Mail said.