Apple’s 12-inch MacBook can use third-party USB Type-C cables: Report

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook can use third-party USB Type-C cables: Report

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook can use third-party USB Type-C cables: Report

The latest 12-inch MacBook is hogging the limelight across the world. Many people are claiming on top of their voices that it is the most beautiful laptop ever made not just by any other laptop maker, but by Cupertino based Apple too.

But others warn if you are a power user and want the best processing power in your laptop, this may not be the best choice for you. Nonetheless if you are not so much ‘power-hungry’ and your love for beauty surpasses over your love for processor power, this is the ultimate that you can get.

It is needless to say that if you used to be a tablet lower and wanted a bigger tablet to do some office work on the go, this not just will fit in the category, but will also help you do a lot more than even the best tablets can offer.

macbook-air-12 inch to be smaller than 11 inch versionThe 12-inch MacBook that is merely 13.1 mm thick is without doubt an addition of sorts as far as the laptop category is concerned. Earlier netbooks used to come in this size, now here we have a product from Apple that is beautiful, comes with top specifications and redefines style.

In the meantime there are already rumors that the Cupertino-based Apple would introduce a new model next year that may include more USB-C ports and better processors for improved performance.

It is needless to say that this very light laptop that weighs just 2-pounds and comes with impressive Retina display is not replacing the MacBook Air, although they have similarities. The new MacBook is being positioned as an alternative to iPads. I am sure this is going to attract many people. This new product is also more expensive than the MacBook Air (and the iPad, of course) with base price of $1,299 with 1.1GHz dual-core processor and 256GB on-board flash storage, compared to Air’s base model with asking price of $899.

Higher-end version of the 12-incher laptop is being sold for $1,599 which ships with 512GB flash storage and dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz.

Meanwhile Macworld while reviewing the product says that the butterfly mechanism on each key, which delivers reduced travel from the surface to the bottom of the key, is making “fast typing harder, and less satisfying.”

Apple seems to be betting big on this laptop. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, is sure that the new product will ultimately become the “future of netbooks”.  In a press release earlier last month, Mr. Schiller underlined the product’s build quality, thinness, and portability, instead of highlighting its capability to run applications.

A reviewer while praising this laptop in Wired says, “At just a hair over two pounds and less than a half-inch thick at its fattest point, it feels more like an iPad in my bag than a laptop. It’s still quite sturdy, too, this aluminum slab of a machine. I catch myself carrying it in weird ways since it’s so light. But even when it’s open, dangling at my side, my thumb and index finger on the palm rest, it never creaks or flexes”.

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