BY | June 8, 2013

Apple WWDC 2013 rumors are everywhere and reports suggest that Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with Intel Haswell processor are expected during the WWDC

Apple WWDC is being discussed everywhere. Now two more days are left in the arrival of the most awaited tech event of the year. Every Apple fan and many Apple haters are awaiting the arrival of the conference as both want to know as to which product the Cupertino based company is going to launch during this top Apple event.

So far we only knew that Apple may be coming out with software updates and new version. iOS 7 is going to get a whole new version in the form of iOS 7 while Apple’s laptop and PC operating system OS X will also get a much needed update. But apparently these are not the only thing that we are going to see during the worldwide developers conference 2013. The sort of intense rounds of rumors we are witnessing on the update front of hardware are forcing us to believe that the company is all set to showcase a couple of hardware update.

If there are not much rumors, you should know that Cupertino based company is not launching it and if there is high level of rumors about a certain product or update understand that Apple is launching this new product or the new update. So as we know that the level of rumors is not very intense for iPhone 5S and iPad Mini Retina we are sure that the company is not launching these two products.

With huge media attention to new updates of Macbook Pro and MacBook Air, there are no reasons not to believe that Apple is not launching updated versions of Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with Intel’s Haswell-based, fourth-generation Core processors. This is going to give some good media to the Cupertino based company. A report says that “These CPUs are seemingly tailor-made for Mac between their lower power consumption and faster integrated graphics. Some expect Apple to take advantage of this by repeating its strategy from last year’s WWDC, where it replaced almost every MacBook”.

The MacBook Pro and Mac Pro will become much more better and improved with new processor from Intel. Experts say that Apple will also be showcasing new MacBook Pro 2013 version during the Apple developers conference. MacBook Pro with Retina Display was billed as the best Mac ever, and the pundits nodded their heads in agreement. The MacBook Pro has been the laptop of choice for ‘serious’ professionals. The kind that does a lot of photo and video editing, the kind that do a lot of design work and like their laptops to be a fast and efficient beast. Every generation the Pro line brings in improvements, if in nothing else in weight and thickness but usually in much more than that.

If the update is finally a reality, it will make the two simply unbeatable. It was only last year that Apple gave a much needed update to its laptop and now after new processor, it will be the best of the best. Last year the company added a retina display. Usually MacBook Pros shipped with a 1440x900p resolution displays, which was fine enough for most purposes. Well, apple took that and doubled it. The MacBook with Retina display shipped with 2880×1800 screen. An eye popping number which made for an eye popping screen. Apple did a couple of more things. It removed the optical drive, quite rightly I believe, because, who uses an optical drive anymore? It added a couple of thunderbolt ports and a couple of USB 3.0 ports. It also slimmed down the whole things a bit. It wasn’t quite in the MacBook Air territory yet, but it was getting there. The only downside was the nosebleed inducing price tag. Just the base model started with $2199. Add to this warranty costs, adapter or a more storage space (the base model comes with 256 GB flash memory) and the price starts to touch $3000 mark.


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