Apple Watch Apps Will Make the Pricey Gadget All the More Attractive

Apple Watch Apps Will Make the Pricey Gadget All the More Attractive

Apple Watch Apps Will Make the Pricey Gadget All the More Attractive

Apple watch is selling like hotcake. The way it was able to sell a million Apple Watches on the opening day of the pre-order was simply awesome. No other wearable device actually did anything like it or even managed half of it. And mind you this smart watch from Cupertino based Apple is way pricier than any wearable device that we have in the market till now.

There is no denying the fact that Apple watch or other similar devices running on Android operating system have great potential. They can be made a lot useful by well-thought out apps that can turn a 2-inch display into a treasure trove of knowledge, usable apps that will open up new vistas for users and others.

And Apple seems to be rather very fast in this aspect. It has mastered the art of monetizing from media and it is not going to fall short on it right now. Latest reports suggest that Apple has already released as many as 3,000 new third-party apps for users. This is indeed a massive improvement over the couple of dozens a couple of months ago.

apple watchThough many apps are run of the mill type stuff, there are many with very useful functions. A Wall Street Journal report while talking about such apps says, “Among these first apps, there are legions of lame wrist calculators, tic-tac-toe games and digital dice—even a couple (yes, two at last count) “Knight Rider” K.I.T.T. emulators. But there are also some helpful ideas about using the watch as a remote control, a note taker, and a virtual referee in a very real game of tag”.

This is not all and the Wall Street Journal report goes on to add, “Remote controls Hue and Microsoft PowerPoint: Hue lets you control smart home lights, which can be annoying on a phone. And with PowerPoint, you can advance your deck slides with a tap (and also let everyone in the room know you have an Apple Watch). There’s already a watch remote for Apple TV, and I can’t wait for TiVo, Roku and Sonos”.

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